The Science Of... Ongoing Project

Producing stories that cover a wide range of STEM topics, explaining science in an interesting, engaging way and show science and technology as human endeavors in the lab, out in the field, and in local industry.  The science in the features will target middle school and high school level students, primarily in North East Florida, however the appeal of much of the programing will have a vast geographic boundaries.


  • An online digital video magazine produced through a collaboration between Jacksonville University and The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.
  • Explains, illustrates, and demystifies scientific concepts while telling stories that focus primarily on endeavors in North East Florida. 
  • The Science of… digital video magazine offers
  • Feature programs (~20-22 minutes) comprised of 3 to 7 individual stories (each totaling 3-7 minutes in length) and include original animations and music infused with traditional video to help engage the audience and clarify our messages.
  • Shorter videos
    • additional information for each feature
    • topical / current issues in the news
    • demonstrations of small experiments
    • demonstrations of scientific instruments
    • “how-to” videos

Industry Involvement

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens special events and public relations coordinator.

Professors/Disciplines Involved

JU professors of biology, marine science, music, animation, and graphic design, along with a JU videographer/editor.

the science of

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