Collaborate JU

​​Collaborate JU is part of the Florida EPIC Program at Jacksonville University, which focuses on Entrepreneurism​​, Policy, Innovation, and Commerce.​ The EPIC Program is housed in JU's Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.

Jacksonville University understands the value of collaborative real world experiences. Working as a team on Collaborate JU projects, students and professors from multiple disciplines join forces with industry experts to solve challenging problems. Through these experiences, students become engaged, active participants in their education and are better prepared to enter the workforce.

The benefits to students include:

  • Becoming conversant in multiple disciplines
  • Gaining a more in-depth understanding of their major
  • Expanding options as to potential careers
  • Learning to function in a team setting
  • Appreciating the value of diverse perspectives
  • Using creativity to solve challenges
  • Sharpening critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills
  • Improving interpersonal communication skills
  • Developing leadership and project management abilities
  • Networking with industry experts

Current Projects

Professor Shelley Grant and Dr. Ray Oldakowski

Resident Perceptions of Punitive versus Rehabilitative Approaches to Juvenile Crime - Award Amount: $9330

According to the 2018 Uniform Crime Report, juvenile offenders represent approximately 7% of all arrests in the United States. How to handle young people within our criminal justice system is a vexing problem. The original intent of the juvenile justice system was to work in the "best interests of the child" with a focus on rehabilitation. At various times, our system has strayed from these ideals, and even demonized children with terms such as "superpredators" and engaged in practices such as transferring juveniles to adult court, sentencing children to life without parole and even imposing the death penalty on children. Despite these contradictions to original intent of the juvenile court, research shows that the general public believes in rehabilitation for our youngest community members, especially when charged misdemeanors or non-violent offenses. The purpose of this research is to determine if this sentiment exists within the Jacksonville community. Based on a sample of 514 Northeast Florida residents who participated in an online survey, the Jacksonville community does prefer rehabilitative rather than punitive measures when dealing with juvenile offenders. The PowerPoint slides are available for download and provide the detailed results from this survey.

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