Patient Acting Completed Project

The standardized patient acting inter-disciplinary course introduces students to the role of acting in the Healthcare Sciences. The course promotes a collaborative interdisciplinary understanding of the purpose and benefits of the application of Theatre Arts within the Health Sciences in conjunction with the study of Health Sciences and its benefits in theatrical performance.


  • Theatre, acting, script writing, simulation scenario writing, illness narratives, patient communication, ethical and humanistic care in relation to acting as a simulated standardized patients or other roles.
  • student groups learn each other's discipline by working together on simulation scenarios in the Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences Simulation Training and Applied Research Center (STAR) and also in the theatre department.
  • Inter-disciplinary collaboration between Theatre and Nursing results in students working together to develop simulation scenarios with a culminating production demonstration of their work.
  • Speech Language Pathology, Kinesiology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Nursing courses benefit from the interdisciplinary student actors required participation in one simulation acting experience from each discipline as part of their course work completion.
  • Actors benefit for their live standardized patient simulation contractual service provided to local health agencies (ie; Hospitals, community health etc.).

Professors/Disciplines Involved

  • Scott Kimbrough, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy
  • Sarah Parker, Ph.D., Assistant professor of English
  • Erik DeCicco, Artist in Residence of Theater
  • Deborah Jordan, Assistant professor of Theater Arts
  • Kathleen Kavanagh, Ph.D., Director of Simulation Training and Applied Research

Wounded faces Creating realistic looking wounds