Law Enforcement Recruitment Strategy Ongoing Project

A JU Student and a JSO officer.The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) is interested in recruiting more women and minorities to its law enforcement workforce to better represent the diverse community it serves. An interdisciplinary team is examining things such as the history of women and minorities in JSO’s workforce, the impact of media and cultural biases on recruitment, and psychological barriers that influence law enforcement as a career choice. With this information, the team will develop and implement a multi-pronged strategy JSO may employ to achieve its recruitment goals.


  • Why are women and minorities not applying for vacant positions at JSO?
  • What can JSO do to influence them to apply?
  • What are some short-term strategies for JSO?
  • What are some long-term strategies for JSO?

Industry Involvement

  • Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO)

Professors/Disciplines Involved

  • Courtney Barclay , Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communications
  • Heather Downs, Ph.D., Associate Professor Sociology
  • Shelley Grant, Assistant professor Sociology
  • Diana Donovan, Director, Office of the President