Jacksonville Self-Guided Tour Application Ongoing Project

Jacksonville has a rich, interesting history, culture, and ecology. To promote awareness and bring the city’s story to life, an interdisciplinary team is preparing a series of narrated and graphically depicted themed tours. Historians, ecologists, and the public will be consulted in developing each tour. The first tour focuses on Civil Rights history, and future tours will explore topics such as the history of Civil War, music and film production, architecture, and Jacksonville’s ecology. The themed tours will be housed in a smart phone application allowing users to visit the sites and hear the history at their own pace.


  • Creates a series of self-guided tours of focused on discreet themes in Jacksonville. These tours would be featured on the Visit Jacksonville website.  
  • Civil War (military), Civil Rights, Environment or Eco-Based, Architecture, Craft Beer and Food themes
  • Once the initial tour is developed, other tours will be added using the foundation and framework developed in producing the first tour.

Industry Involvement

  • Visit Jacksonville.com
  • Jax Historical society

Professors/Disciplines Involved

  • Courtney Barclay, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communications
  • Dennis Dormady, Associate Professor of Computing  Science
  • Jesse Hingson, Associate Professor of History
  • Deborah Jordan, Assistant professor of Theater Arts
  • Greg Minton, Media Services Manager