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Empowering you.

The mission of the Center for Gender + Sexuality is to elevate diverse voices and perspectives. We provide opportunities for all members of the Dolphin community to explore, organize, and promote learning around issues of gender and sexuality.

To facilitate a greater responsiveness to the needs of women and the LGBTQIAA+ communities, we organize activities such as panel discussions on policy decisions, small group conversations about topics relevant to LGBTQIAA+ and women's experiences, safe space study halls, health fairs, and much more. 

Centrally located on the second floor in JU's Swisher Library, the CG+S provides a safe study and hangout space as well as resources related to the experiences of LGBTQIAA+ people and women.

The CG+S also houses JU's Women's and Gender Studies minor.



March 22nd, 12pm- GSA: Paint and Sip 

April 4th,  5:30pm- Multicultural and Lavender Graduation

March 25th, 12pm-1pm, DCOBT Lobby- JU Symposium Poster Session, Women's and Gender Studies Research

March 25th, 1:30pm-3pm, DCOBT Conference Rooms- JU Symposium, Women's and Gender Studies Research

March 27th, 12pm-1:30pm- Coffee and Conversation 

Join us in the CG+S every Friday at 1pm for weekly Gender-Affirming Counseling Group Sessions and every Wednesday at 2pm for Green Dot Office Hours with therapy dog, Hero!




Learn, Connect, EmpowerLearn more about the Center for Gender + Sexuality at JU

The Center for Gender + Sexuality offers the JU community a place to learn, grow, and connect. Whether you are looking for research and experiential learning opportunities or a chance to get involved with campus events and the community, check out the CG+S, located in Swisher Library.

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Center for Gender + Sexuality

Dr. Sarah Parker:

We want caregivers to feel confident when they bring their student to Jacksonville University. That they are getting an excellent education, but also to care for them as a whole person. We provide students with a place to learn, a place to explore, and a place to embrace their intellectual curiosity. That also means a place to feel safe and a place to feel like they, in learning more about others and themselves, can go on into the world after college and become the kind of leaders who are kind, compassionate, and empathetic, which is absolutely what we need for this generation.


Frankie Nunziata:

One of the reasons I came to JU was because it was so open in being inclusive and supportive, and I learned that the center for gender plus sexuality opened you know fall of 2022. Although I didn't really want to find a job for a semester, I did want to become involved in the community and something that was so focused on inclusivity and research.


Dr. Christine Sapienza:

We're all about students and student outcomes. I think students have a lot of choices nowadays where to pursue their education, and they have to come to an environment that's comfortable for them. They have to come to an environment that's welcoming. The impact the center has for creating a welcoming environment, I think, is really intuitive. I mean, how could you not have a center for gender plus sexuality in today's world?


Dr. Sarah Parker:

One of the things that has been so inspiring and almost to the point of overwhelming in a good way for me, is the response that I have gotten from students. the JU Campus Community of faculty, staff. When they hear about the center, people are so excited for the mission of the center and the potential for what it can accomplish.


Frankie Nunziata:

I feel like everyone deserves the right to feel respected and included. It's just really nice to know that the campus is fully supportive of LGBTQIA people as well and just having that voice and that ability to be who you are on campus in a safe space, being able to find people to talk to you if you need it, and just having a community where everyone supports who you are. It's just such a wonderful thing, and it's something that everyone deserves to feel.


Reframing campus perspectives

The CG+S promotes the Women’s and Gender Studies minor and connect students to campus resources for health and wellness specific to LGBTQIAA+ people and women. This new center will generate opportunities to reframe campus perspectives on how the intersectionality of gender, sexuality, race, age, class, nationality, ethnicity, ability, and other identities impact the social, cultural, educational, and political experience of the Jacksonville University campus community. 

Notable Resources

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Having a place where not only I, but everyone, can feel safe and have a community like a family is cleansing amidst the crazy college lifestyle. The progress of meeting together helped enrich not only my heart, but my soul...It is exciting to see how Jacksonville University is working to include more people through the Center of Gender + Sexuality!

Bradley CorderoCo-Founder of the JU Gender & Sexuality Alliance

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