Meet Our Student Ambassadors

The Jacksonville University Student Ambassadors play a key role in representing JU to prospective students and their families. Student Ambassadors are selected based on their academic achievements, campus involvement, knowledge of the school, and leadership abilities. The JU Student Ambassadors are passionate about sharing the JU experience with our visitors. In addition to hosting campus tours, ambassadors serve within the Office of Admissions and represent the university at campus-wide events. If you would like to reach out to one of our student ambassadors, you may email them at

Reggie Agulto

Student Ambassador

Hi there! My name is Reggie Lynn Agulto. I am originally from Quezon City, Philippines, before I moved to the States in 2006. I will be graduating in Spring 2019 with my Bachelor of Arts in History. Aside from my major, I am also pursuing minors in Humanities and International Studies. JU's small - but beautiful - campus has allowed me to easily get involved on campus and create relationships not only with my peers but the faculty as well. I feel a sense of pride when speaking of JU's family-like atmosphere because it is not just an advertisement, it is actually true! I love it.

Fun Fact Have a question about Jax's public transportation? I'm your gal!

Sope Akindoju

Student Ambassador

Hello! My name is Sope Akindoju, and I am a senior student-athlete here at Jacksonville University. In the spring of 2018, I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. JU has provided me with so many amazing opportunities, great connections, and life-long friends. JU has prepared me very well to tackle my future endeavors and make an impact in the world. I look forward to seeing you on tour and having the opportunity to share my perspective of JU!

Fun fact: I have traveled to every continent except Antartica!

Cassidy Baker

Student Ambassador

Hi, my name is Cassidy Baker, and I am from Tampa, Florida! I plan on graduating in the spring of 2019 with my Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science. I have become so involved on campus which has easily broadened my horizons and allowed me to meet such genuine and amazing people. I have also had the opportunity to work where I study which is at the Marine Science Research Institute on campus. I have been able to connect one-on-one with my professors and even get involved with some of their research projects!

Fun Fact: I caught a sting-ray while fishing on campus and named him Elvis.

McKenzie Bolin

Presidential Ambassador

Hi! My name is McKenzie Bolin, and I'm a Jacksonville native who loves the city so much I had to stay here for college! I'll be graduating in the spring of 2018 with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. Some of my favorite memories at JU include holding executive positions within student government and my sorority, acting as an upperclassmen mentor during new student orientation, and travelling to Iceland with a JU study abroad program. I hope to see you on campus for a tour or as a student someday!

Fun Fact: I speak fluent Danish!

Kyrstin Creswell

Student Ambassador

Hey! It's Kyrstin! I am a Junior Theatre Major with a minor in Psychology and I am hoping to graduate Spring 2019! I am a native to Jacksonville but was born in New York City and decided to stay to continue my education (best decision I could have made). Jacksonville University is my home away from home and I'm always surrounded by great people! I am involved in many different organizations on campus and I am highly involved in the fine arts department! Being here has given me so many opportunities to broaden my horizons and get to do everything to increase my skills in leadership, education and life!

Fun Fact: I have been in London's News Years Day Parade!

Mike Csorba

Ambassador in Training

Hi! My name is Mike Csorba! I was born and raised in New York City, but currently live in Saint Augustine, Florida. I am going to be graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Animation with a Minor in Film. Jacksonville University has allowed me to open up my artistic abilities in every field, exploring new opportunities I never tried before. All of my professors have worked closely with me to explore all that I can accomplish. Because of their help and my motivation, I am a part of many different organizations, and putting my artistic abilities into everything I do, from graphic design and photography in Dolphin Productions, to filming short films and events around campus, and even playing in the Drumline in the JU Marching Band!

Fun Fact: I was the photographer for last year’s Porter Fest Music and Arts Festival here at JU.

Jeremy Eaton

Ambassador in Training

Hello! My name is Jeremy Eaton, and I will be graduating with a degree in Political Science in 2019. I was born and raised in Jacksonville. While others may leave their hometown, I can say without a doubt that Jacksonville University was the right choice for me. I am proud to be a part of JU student leadership opportunities such as SGA and Campus Outreach. Taking advantage of JU’s faculty and staff in and outside the classroom is preparing me to achieve my goals and aspirations. I intend on using my degree as a foundation for law school post-graduation.

Fun Fact: The first time I saw snow was this past Christmas.

Leticia Fontes

Ambassador in Training

Hi! My name is Leticia Fontes; I'm a Sophomore from Tampa, Florida. I'll be graduating in Spring 2020 with a major in Psychology as well as minors in Education and Naval Science. Jacksonville University has welcomed me with open arms and has become my home away from home. My involvement in many student organizations including NROTC and a sorority has truly taught me what this school has to offer. I love being a dolphin and I hope you choose to be one too! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Fun Fact: I was born and lived in Uruguay for 7 years!

Alysha Hart

Student Ambassador

Hi! My name is Alysha Hart, and I am majoring in Biology on the Pre-Med track and plan on graduating in 2018. On the first day of my freshman year, I immediately felt the love from the people at JU and instantly knew I chose the right university. I joined the cheerleading team after being convinced by a close friend and have now been cheering for three years. Being at a small college brings great opportunities to get involved no matter how shy you may think you are. I am glad that I chose to come to JU and feel blessed for all the great people I have met on my journey here.

Fun Fact: I love to travel, but have not traveled internationally yet.

Emily Holt

Presidential Ambassador

Hi! My name is Emily Holt, and I was born in Jacksonville, Florida. I will be graduating in December 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Initially coming to JU wanting to pursue a dance degree, my experience has been amazing as I have had opportunities to perform, travel, and work with world famous choreographers. Through the variety of classes and professors I had along the way, JU has allowed me to follow another path I had never even considered or thought possible like nursing. I’m grateful to be at a university that encourages students to reach their full potential.

Fun Fact: I was once featured in a Walt Disney World commercial for Mickey’s Mouse’s Birthday Celebration.

Danielle Keeler

Presidential Ambassador

Hi! My name is Danielle Keeler, and I was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. I'll be graduating in December 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. My experience at JU has been nothing short of incredible. I’ve had a wide variety of opportunities like competing at the national level for the rowing team, serving on the executive board for Student Government, talking about what faith looks like on campus with freshmen and working hands-on with patients in a nationally recognized hospital. JU’s a tight-knit community with enough room to grow in your own individual way!

Fun Fact: I went white water river rafting in the Nile River last winter break!

Carley Levy

Presidential Ambassador

Hi! My name is Carley Levy, and I’m from Fort Myers, FL. I’ll graduate in spring of 2018 with a BFA in Musical Theatre. I’m so happy to have committed to JU because I’ve found my true self through leadership opportunities on campus.

Fun Fact: My spirit animal is a sloth.

Zane Miller

Presidential Ambassador

Hi! I'm Zane Miller, and I’m a marine science major graduating in 2018. I traveled quite a ways from my home in Indiana and found my home away from home in JU's tight-knit community. Campus has given me so many amazing opportunities such as performing undergraduate research alongside professors, studying in foreign countries, and stepping into leadership roles in student organizations. I've had an incredible experience at JU and I hope you can do the same!

Fun Fact: I'm a certified S.C.U.B.A. diver!

Emily Myslinski

Presidential Ambassador

Hi! My name is Emily Myslinski, and I’m a double major in Communications and English anticipating on graduating in 2019. I’m also in the honors program and on the track and field team. The best experience I’ve had at JU has been going through the ambassador program. Being able to show off my university and all it has to offer to potential students is an amazing opportunity. Besides this, the relationships I’ve built with my fellow ambassadors is truly unleveled. I’ve made my best friends through this experience and now have a family who support me in everything I undertake.

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with dogs and making ruff puns that usually don’t sit well with the retriever of them.

Student Ambassador

Hey, my name is Kelsey Nevils and I am from the sunny, South Florida town, Boca Raton, FL. I am studying elementary education here at JU and plan to graduate with my Masters in the Spring of 2020. When I hear "Jacksonville University", I immediately think Home. Here, I have made friends that push me to my highest potential, created networking skills that count for endless opportunities, and established my own identity. In coming to JU the opportunities are endless. Never would I have thought I'd be a D1 college athlete, involved in many clubs and organizations, and have the opportunity to take a class outside. I pray you find your forever home here, just like I did!

Fun Fact: I was on the Cabbage Patch Kid boxes when I was in elementary school.

Pascal Yves Rathle

Presidential Ambassador

Hello and Bonjour, I am Pascal Yves Rathle. I am fulfilling my Bachelor in Communication, with minors in English and Biology as I also take the necessary prerequisites for medical school before graduation in April of 2018. I am an academic, athlete, leader and true member of this campus by the river. I have experienced maturity, growth, highs, lows, successes, failures, turning points, plateaus, realizations, friendships, too little sleep, bad choices, redemption, missing home, too much fun, late nights, early starts, game days, tests, connections, and most of all self-discovery as two years have quickly flown by at Jacksonville University. Carpe Diem, my friends.

Fun Fact: In 2015, I trialed with FC Augsburg, a professional soccer team in Germany’s first division, the Bundesliga.

Colton Sedlak

Student Ambassador

Hello, my name is Colton Sedlak and I was born and raised in Port Richey, Florida. I'm an Economics major and due to graduate in the spring of 2018. I'm a NROTC midshipman who still finds the time to be in a multitude of organizations. JU is a premiere university with professional staff, elite professors and a gorgeous campus to top it off. I could babble about this place for days if you had the time.

Fun Fact: I've driven a plane, a helicopter, a ship, and a submarine.

Mamie Lue Small

Student Ambassador

Hi y'all! My name is Mamie Lue Small, and I am from Savannah, Georgia! In the Spring of 2018 I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Music in Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Music. These past few years at JU have been a whirlwind and I couldn't imagine having such an amazing college experience at any other university. As a music major, I have enjoyed the hands-on experience provided by professors to help me grow in my art. From playing for local events to interning at music camps, the faculty and staff provide the best experiences for students to branch out in their area of study.

Fun Fact: This summer, I toured China with Jacksonville University’s Jazz Combo I!

Ashlyn Sparks

Presidential Ambassador

Hi! My name’s Ashlyn Sparks, and I am a senior here at JU. I am majoring in English with minors in Writing, Communications, and Women and Gender Studies. One of my favorite parts of attending Jacksonville University is sharing stories with my mom (class of '84). We are connected in our college experiences, like the end-of-semester pancake breakfast where faculty serves students dinner and the walk through the valley to get to class every day. Witnessing my mom's passion in sharing the school with me has inspired a drive within myself to show other's how amazing JU can be. I hope you will give our team the chance to share this feeling with you!

Fun Fact: I almost won my school’s 5th grade spelling bee (it’s matTress, in case you were wondering)


Ambassador in Training

Hola! My name is Natasha Ubani, and I am an international student from Nigeria. I am a double major in International Business and Spanish and I am on track to graduate before my expected date in 2020. I have only been at Jacksonville University for a year but I have been privileged to sit on the Presidential Leadership Advisory Council with JU’s President Tim Cost, be nominated as Student of the Year, make the President and Dean’s Lists in my first two semesters and so much more. I am super excited to welcome all incoming internationals and show you all that JU can and will be your home away from home!

Fun Fact: I love learning new languages. Espanol es mi favorito!

Kelsy Waack

Student Ambassador

Hello! My name is Kelsy Waack, and I am studying Math and Spanish here at Jacksonville University, expecting to graduate in May 2018. I am from Buffalo, New York and came to JU for the warm weather and the varsity sailing team. My team consists of my best friends, and I think it is a great example of the small community feel JU offers. My time at JU has been all-encompassing in the way that I have loved every aspect of my education here in addition to the extracurriculars. Being a part of the Honors Program has allowed me to take especially challenging classes with small class sizes, allowing me to thrive and grow as a student.

Fun Fact: I spend my summers teaching sailing on an island!

Chase Wassel

Student Ambassador

Hey guys! My name is Chase Wassel, and I am from just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. I will be graduating in the fall of 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics! I am also planning on participating in the 4 + 1 program to get my MBA in my 5th year. Coming to Jacksonville University was nothing like I had expected. In a short year, I have become very involved and made relationships I never would have imagined having. JU really is somewhere that I call home, and I hope it can have the same impact on you!

Fun Fact: I am actually the third Wassel in a row to attend JU.

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