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At Jacksonville University, our focus is on you- the student. You’ll find a university that offers more than 100 majors, minors, and pre-professional programs. You’ll find a rigorous Honors Program, over 100 clubs and organizations to explore, NCAA Division I and varsity sports teams, opportunities for undergraduate research, and hands-on learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom. So, get ready to start your journey. What are you waiting for?

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This is Jacksonville University


Congratulations! You're exploring colleges! Time to fill out forms and write essays then visit campuses and talk non-stop about... your future. But before we talk about YOUR future let's talk about THE future. This one? No. This one? Okay maybe this one.

Here's the thing: the future hasn't happened yet. They are ideas about it but they look less like answers and more like questions. Every question inspiring another question and that's how it's always been. They used to ask what happens when it's not done by hand, when there are machines, or software, or robots... Questions not answers!

And that's where you come in. You ask the questions that guide YOUR future, and find the answers that define THE future. Where should you go to get ready for that? Glad you asked!

This is Jacksonville University. It's not just a perfect place for sunny waterfront beauty shots. Although..

Here you choose the future you want. How? By defining it yourself. You customize your path and make it one-of-a-kind. Define it on your own terms: want to combine majors? go for it!

This is a place to turn ideas into plans, and plans into reality. It's a place to learn by doing, to do the research, and ask important questions, to dare and fail and try again and succeed and then take that success and attack the next big challenge: bringing marine life back from the brink, reimagining transportation, robotics, AI.. we are the next big thing.

What you take on and how you approach it? That's up to you!


You wanna build a future where you decide what impact you make? You come to the right place!

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Your degree. your way. Customized Education

We have a little bit of everything here at JU! In fact, we offer more than 100 academic majors, minors, and programs. JU gives you the freedom to pursue your passions and the flexibility to customize your education. You can create your unique degree program by pairing one or more majors and/or minors to discover your academic career through our PODs (Pathways of Distinction) site.

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Visit usSee Campus For Yourself

The quickest way to get to know us is to visit us!  Incoming freshmen students can earn our $1,000 visit grant for attending an on-campus tour! Can’t wait to see campus? Join Maddie Chin, a Marketing and Management major, for a virtual tour of Jacksonville University! We hope you have fun exploring your future home! 

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Visit Campus


Hi future Phins! I'm Maddie Chin and I'm a management and marketing major here at Jacksonville University. Today I want to show you our campus.


Williams Hall. Let's start with where you'll live. Botts and Williams Hall are exclusively for freshmen. First year housing is all about the experience. This is more than just a place to sleep, this is where you'll hang out study, play and make lifelong friendships. There's a kitchenette on the first floor for you to use and laundry is free. Just bring detergent!

Most students live with a roommate. Each room provides a bed, desk and chest of drawers with endless possibilities of how to set it up.

I was nervous about living with a roommate my freshman year but it was like a fun year-long sleepover. I'm really excited to come back for my fourth year living on campus this fall.

Kinne Center. The Kinne Center is where a lot of students hang out between classes to grab some food, study and meet up with friends. It's named after dr Francis Bartlett Kinne the former president of JU, she was the first female president of any university in Florida and she lived to be 102.

Inside is our Riverview dining hall where you can use your unlimited meal plan and our full service Starbucks which is open 80 hours a week.

Let's head next door to Davis Student Commons. Davis Student Commons is another place to hang out grab a bite and get in a workout. The fitness center on the first floor features all new equipment and a variety of group exercise classes. Davis Student Commons is also home to our new Jacks Esports Club team and gaming room. We have over 130 clubs and organizations at JU for everything from surfing to bass fishing.

River House. This is one of my favorite places to study and hang out. The River House built was in the 1980s. It was originally the JU president's house. In 2014 president Cost converted it into a riverfront hideaway for students and fun campus events. Students hang out by the fire pit, enjoy movie nights or hold club meetings here and sometimes you can catch a beach volleyball game. The pub offers burgers, sandwiches and salads plus beer and wine for those 21 and older.

College of Business. JU's Davis College of Business is home to our internationally ranked MBA program. For eight years CEO Magazine has ranked the program among the best in the world. Fun fact this is also home to our school of aviation and our world-class aviation simulator.

Jacksonville University is a tight-knit community, especially in the classroom. With an 11 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio, your professors will know you by name and can offer one-on-one mentoring. Here at JU, classes will never be taught by teaching assistants. Only professors with years of experience in their field.

JU has 58 majors and 67 minors, our top five declared majors are Nursing, Business, Kinesiology, Marine Science and Aviation.

One in every four students at JU is also a division one athlete and Dolphin Athletics offers modern training facilities that serve as a home away from home for our student athletes. The Rock Lacrosse Center is home to our nationally ranked lacrosse teams. The only division one lacrosse programs in Florida. Here they can work out, prepare for games study or just hang out between classes. All athletic events on campus are free to students.

Outdoor Events. At JU we take concerts up a notch by hosting them right on the water. The Dolphin Green and Larry Strom Amphitheater is where we hold some of our outdoor student events. One of my favorite traditions here is Porterfest, held every year on charter day which is JU's birthday. We celebrate with a day of service and a concert just for students. 

This is one of the best kept secrets on campus. The Odec of the Marine Science Research Institute. It's tucked away on the banks of the river making a quiet scenic spot for studying or just relaxing by the water. The Institute offers research opportunities for students including a chance to tag and study great white sharks with our partners at Osearch.

Next door is the Rowing Center. Another popular waterfront spot for our rowing teams and the annual Rock the Docks event. Here at JU we do things a little differently, even relaxing. With hundreds of sunny days every year you'll find many students hanging out at areas just like this. It's one of the several recent projects that came from suggestions our students made to president Cost.

Areas like Nelms Plaza also feature dozens of charging stations for laptops and phones and the hammocks are my prime nap spot.

North Hall. If you plan to pledge a return to your sorority there's a good chance you live here in North Hall. Each Chapter has a hall for their sophomores, juniors and seniors, chapter president and a fully furnished chapter room. This is also where our faculty in residence lives serving as a resource for students throughout the year.

Terry Concert Hall. Terry Concert Hall is one of our fine arts performance spaces on campus where many of our musical ensembles and visiting artists perform throughout the year. This is also where we host political debates, guest lectures and other major events like our homecoming pageant for Miss Delfina and Big Man on campus.

Mascots. And last but certainly not least, meet our two mascots: Nelly and Dunkin. These statues were designed and sculpted by JU professor Jim Benedict and his class in 2014 and it's definitely the number one spot on campus for photos.

Phins. Alright future Phins, now you've seen all my favorite spots on campus but before you go you got to learn how to flip your phin! It's easy just hold up your left hand with your thumb pointer and pinky to make the letters "j" and "u". Phins up, guys! We're so excited for you to come visit us in person. Sign up at the link below and we'll see you soon!


Our Admissions teamMeet Your Admissions Counselor

Our Admissions team is excited to chat with you about the opportunities ahead of you at Jacksonville University. Click the link below and reach out to your counselor. We're happy to answer any questions you have about the admissions process, financial aid, next steps, and anything else you'd like to know about JU. Phins up!

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Grants, Scholarships, and RewardsTuition & Costs

A college education is one of the largest financial investments that you or your family will make. In order to maximize your opportunity for scholarships and financial aid, be sure to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, and include JU's school code: 001495. To learn more about how to file your FAFSA, view a recording of our FAFSA Information Session here

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95.1%95.1% of Jacksonville University students received institutional aid for the 2021-22 school year.
$14k - $35.5kWe awarded $14,000-$35,500 in annual merit scholarships to qualified students for the 2021-22 school year.

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Your Degree. Your Way.

Jacksonville University’s new app, PODs (Pathways of Distinction), makes it easier for you to start planning for your future. Use this app to check out all of the majors and minors that we offer- JU gives you the freedom to pursue your passions and the flexibility to customize your education. You can create your unique degree program by pairing one or more majors and/or minors to discover your academic and future career pathways.

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Connect with us on ZEEMEE to join other prospective students on their journey to becoming a JU Dolphin. What is ZEEMEE?

ZeeMee is the app for connecting with other prospective students and to bring your application to life with videos and photos.


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