Psychology A Department of the Division of Social Sciences

The Department of Psychology offers the student exposure to the entire field of psychology in both theoretical and applied areas of the discipline. The major includes a selection of core psychology classes, along with classes that are research oriented such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, and advanced child development, whereas the applied field of psychology includes classes such as family therapy, counseling and psychotherapy, and medical psychology. Such an orientation prepares a student for immediate entry into the workforce or for advanced study. Independent study programs are encouraged and student internships are made available in all areas of psychology knowing that students who major in psychology often go on to careers in mental health counseling, law, human resource management, education, and business—to name a few.


Major and Minor Requirements

Major Requirements Minor Requirements


  • Pace Center for Girls
  • Communities in Schools
  • Girl Matters: It's Elementary!
  • Hubbard House
  • Riverpoint Mental Health


Dr. Christi Bamford

JU LogoDepartment Coordinator & Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Sherri Jackson

Dr. Sherri JacksonVice-Provost & Professor of Psychology

Dr. S. Douglas Lewis

Dr. S. Douglas LewisProfessor of Psychology

Dr. Jim November

Dr. Jim NovemberProfessor of Psychology