Major and Minor Requirements

The JU Department of Political Science offers both a major and a minor in Political Science. Our courses provide students with the skills necessary to pursue careers in the political and non-profit sectors. 

Major in Political Science

Students majoring in Political Science can earn either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. Students must complete University requirements* appropriate to their chosen degree, as well as 36 hours of Political Science courses, including 18 credits of required major courses and 18 credits of electives in the discipline. 

Required Courses:

POL 205 American National Government

POL 208 International Politics

POL 211 Quantitative Methods Social Science

POL 302 Comparative Political Systems

POL 420 Methods of Social Research

Any Speech Intensice (SI) course


* GEOG 350TI: Geographic Information System satisfies the University Technology requirement for Political Science majors. POL 341WI: Writing for the Social Sciences is recommended to fulfill the Writing Intensive requirement.

Minor in Political Science

A minor in Political Science is a great addition to any degree program. In an increasingly global society, an ability to understand and analyze political environments is a key competency in any career. The 15-credit minor provides flexibility for students to tailor the program to their interests. All students pursuing the minor must complete POL 205: American National Government. The remainder of the credits are selected electives; 9 credit hours must be at the 300 - 400 level.

Students may declare a minor in Political Science by completing the “Academic Change Request Form” and submitting it to the Advising Center office.