Marching / Pep Band Scholarships

Members of the Jacksonville University Athletic Bands who are enrolled full time at JU are eligible for scholarship according to the below criteria. This can be applied towards direct costs of attendance including tuition, room and board. Students must be enrolled in MUS-223/423 (JU Athletic Band) to receive the scholarship. To receive the full scholarship, attendance at all performances is required without exception. Attendance at rehearsals in accordance with the policies outlined in the course syllabus is also required.

Dual enrolled students are not eligible​ for scholarships, but receive a grant to cover the cost of the 1-hour credit and therefore can take the class free of charge. Visit the dual enrollment page for more information.

Marching Band

  • 1st year member - $800
  • 2nd year member - $1000
  • 3rd year member - $1200
  • 4th year+ member - $1400

Student staff (drum majors, section leaders) receive an additional $150.

Scholarships are distributed at the end of the marching band performance season, typically the end of November.

Basketball Pep Band

Students receive $30 per game.

Scholarships are distributed at the end of the fall semester for games played before winter break, and then again at the end of the basketball season for games played during the spring semester.

Note: Be advised that these are scholarships and not stipends. All students will receive the full benefit of the scholarship, however they may be applied in a myriad of ways depending on the individual student's financial aid status. Occasionally a student may receive a cash reimbursement if there is a positive JU account balance and they are below federal financial aid maximums, however this is not the norm.