General Information

Download general info, policies, and camp dates and information.

Marching Band Components

Dorsal Funk

"Dorsal Funk" is the official rock band of the JUMB and provides pre - game entertainment at "The Grove". Dorsal Funk is an auditioned group consisting of 2 guitars, bass, drum set, keyboard and vocals. Dorsal Funk is a fully functioning component of the marching band and are required to attend marching band rehearsals. Students interested in performing with Dorsal Funk should already display a strong command of their instrument, be able to read music and be well versed in popular dance and party covers. If you are interested in auditioning please send an email to​.

Pep Band

​​​The JU Pep Band is open to participation for all students in any major who attend Jacksonville Unversity. For information on joining please email

Policies and Procedures

Download the full JUMB handbook, which includes an in depth review of the policy and procedures of "The Pride."


All members of the hornline, drumline and colorguard are provided a uniform for use during the season. The uniform is returned after the last performance.

Members of the majorette team and Dorsal Funk purchase their own uniforms.

Additional Course Items and Fees

All students whether full time JU or dual enrolled should plan on course material costs of around $40.00 for shoes. gloves, liars, etc. as needed. A full list of required items will be included with your audition and info packets.


The JUMB rehearses each week during the fall semester on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. There are also Saturday morning continuity rehearsals on GAME DAY. The majority of rehearsals take place at the JUMB practice field located at the Valley Intramural Field. Fridays prior to game day, as well as Saturday morning rehearsals, typically take place at D.B. Milne Field, which is the location of all home games.

Game Day

The "RIPCURRENT" performs at all home JU Football games, as well as in a pep band format for home JU Men's and Women's basketball games. Students who are enrolled in the marching band for Fall will be required to participate in a couple of basketball games during the fall semester. (If you would like to perform with the pep band for Spring basketball games, you would sign up for Spring Athletic Band.)

The typical game day starts with a morning Continuity Rehearsal at D.B Milne Field where we fine tune our performance. This is followed by a short break for food and relaxation.

Show Time is the pre-game warm up of the "RIPCURRENT" that occurs in front of Swisher Gymnasium. This takes place approximately 1 hour before kickoff. Visitors are encouraged to join us for an up close experience of the sounds of the "Ripcurrent" Marching Band. Show time is followed by our parade in through the campus up to The Grove.

The Grove Set is where the "RIPCURRENT" joins up with "Dorsal Funk" for a rocking set of music for fans enjoying pre-game festivities in "The Grove" parking area. This occurs around 30 minutes before kick-off. All fans can join us at the grove but parking in the grove lot requires a pass available for purchase from JU Athletics.

The "RIPCURRENT" then takes the field for Pre-Game ​where we create the traditional college football experience for fans and alumni of Jacksonville University.

Half Time is where all components of the "RIPCURRENT" including the Marching Band, Colorguard, Majorettes and Dorsal Funk combine together to create an exciting blend of pop, rock and marching band favorites in a style that is unique to the JUMB.​