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The Challenge

Addressing the problem of medical errors is complex. Many types of healthcare professionals with varying skills and competencies interact frequently with equally complex patients and families. One might think the inclusion of technology-based safety measures is sufficient for managing the activities and communications between healthcare professionals, but that is not necessarily the case. Unfortunately, the greater the number of healthcare professionals who are providing care to patients, the greater the risk becomes for communication failures, medical errors and lost revenue. These failures and errors compromise the safety and well-being of all patients, putting them and their healthcare providers at an increased risk for further medical issues, accidents, and even death.

HSC Facilities

Training Model

Using sophisticated high-fidelity realistic life-like Human Patient Simulators (HPS) virtual training products, and advanced technologies, the Center provides healthcare professionals with an interactive learning experience in a safe and controlled environment. Key clinical competencies for medium to high-risk procedures that could result in medical errors are taught by licensed nurses, physicians, and interdisciplinary healthcare professionals. The clinical scenarios are uniquely developed for the needs of each learner group with the closest possible replica of actual patient care conditions. Use of these advanced technological training products enables all healthcare disciplines to learn and practice valuable critical thinking, mechanical and process skills that are fundamental to education and patient care without jeopardizing patient safety. Complex critical thinking scenarios include, teamwork, communication, prioritization, skill proficiency, and resource management with a greater focus on high risk patient error categories that include: 

  • Assessment/diagnosis/re-admission risks
  • Patient Safety Indicator (PSI)/ Healthcare Acquired Conditions (HAC)
  • Surgical anatomy and training
  • Anesthesia-moderate sedation
  • Medication safety and delivery
  • Operating/peri-operative/intra-operative safety and complications/adverse events
  • Trauma training for pediatrics and adults
  • Patient and family education
  • Prenatal/maternal/infant

The inter-professional curriculum, which includes Medical Humanities and Bioethics, emphasizes patient centric, quality, safe, and dignified care. Individualized curriculum development and delivery is specific to each participating hospital or organization. In the educational setting and in the healthcare industry there is a need to increase and improve inter-professional teamwork to bring various industries and disciplines to work together collaboratively, and to understand each other’s roles. This in turn translates to real-world application by introducing the next generation of healthcare professionals to teamwork environments as a standard operating procedure.


Healthcare Simulation Center

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