Presenting the Presidential Global Citizen Award 2023 Recipient: Col. David R. Scott

Video Transcript

Scott is one of the most extraordinary human beings on the face of the planet today. He's the only living human being who commanded an Apollo Mission and walked on the moon. He's the first man to ever sit down and drive the lunar rover. He was the commander of Apollo 15, which was the greatest scientific mission in Apollo's day. It's extraordinary to have him here.

When Colonel Scott comes to town, we're going to talk about exploration. How is it with technology that wasn't as advanced as today's cell phone they put people on the moon and brought them back? The exploration of the mind and the spirit. How is it that we can discover and explore and innovate? He's a scientist, he's an engineer, he's a West Point grad, he's an MIT grad. So he's as interested as we are in helping this next generation talk about what it takes to explore, and the idea of what's out there. Are we the only ones here? Can our own fragile Planet withstand what we're putting it through?

And so, for the first time, the global Citizen Award I guess will be the intergalactic Citizen Award!

Jacksonville University 2023 Presidential Global Citizen Award Presentation and CeremonyHonoring

Col. David R. Scott

Commander of Apollo 15
First astronaut to drive on the moon

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Luncheon & Conversation (Sold Out)
Jacksonville University, Howard Terrace

Time  12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.


Campus Forum
Swisher Theater

Time  1:45 p.m.