Conference Guest Guidelines

Welcome to Jacksonville University. Enjoy your stay on campus!

The information provided here has been designed as a quick reference for Jacksonville University  guests. If you have any additional questions please call 904.256.7048.

Campus Security 
Campus Security is available 24 hours. The phone number is 904.256.7585 when using a campus telephone. Emergency Call Boxes are strategically placed across campus and dial directly to Campus Security.

In the event of an emergency, please dial 911* for Jacksonville Police or Fire Department.

Vehicles parked in marked areas (Handicapped, Loading Zone, Fire Lane, No Parking) may be subject to tickets, towing or booting.

Emergency Procedures 
In the event of a fire, DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. Calmly and quickly proceed to the nearest exit, get away from the building and join your conference group. Do not re-enter the building until the Fire or Police Department has indicated it is safe. False alarms and tampering with fire equipment or smoke detectors are serious violations. Fines up to $500 will be issued to individuals or groups violating fire regulations. To report a fire, health or safety emergency, call 911.

Alcohol and Drugs 
The possession or use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs is prohibited at Jacksonville University. Guests found in possession of any controlled substance will be required to leave immediately. Such incidents will result in notification of law enforcement agencies.

Air Conditioning 
All residence halls at Jacksonville University are air-conditioned and are controlled by Facilities Services. Ask for assistance if  the air conditioning is not working in your room. In order to maintain a safe environment we ask that you keep all windows closed.

Bed Linens 
Not provided.

Bookstore/Post Office
The Jacksonville University and the Post Office are located in the in the Kinne Center on the ground floor.

Candles and Incense 
Devices using an open flame such as candles, camping stoves, grills, fondue pots, incense and gas lanterns are not permitted on the campus.

Checking Out 
Please check your room for personal belongings, close the windows, turn off the lights, lock your door, and turn in your room key. There is a $65.00 charge for keys not returned. Conference groups will be responsible for any loss or damage of property.   Checkout times are scheduled in advance in cooperation with the Jacksonville University Conference Assistance Staff.

Firearms and Fireworks 
Firearms and other weapons are not permitted on campus. Fireworks and all explosive devices are not permitted on campus. Possession or use will result in fines and/or a request to leave the campus.

Custodial staff in each building will clean public areas daily. Daily room cleaning service is not available. If you have a repair or maintenance request, please contact University Conference Assistance Staff as soon as possible. 

Room Security & Keys
All guests will receive a room key upon check-in. Please keep your room locked and your key with you at all times. Jacksonville University assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of personal property. There is a $60 charge for lost keys (due to lock change). If a key is lost please report to University Conference Assistance Staff. 

All exterior doors on the residence halls are locked at 11 p.m. each day. Each room is individually locked, if you find yourself locked out of your room; please call campus security at 904.256.7585.

Residence hall laundry machines are coin-operated.

Swimming Pool and Athletic Facilities 
Available by reservation only.

Mail and Messages 
Everyone loves getting letters from home! How should mail be addressed?

Guest Name – Conference/Camp ** c/o Camp/Conference name, 
2800 University Boulevard, N., Jacksonville, FL 32211

**Individual Name and Conference Group is required for mail delivery.

Emergency messages should be directed to Campus Security (904.256.7585)

Public Areas
Lounges are located in various parts of campus. Your group is welcome to use those areas but please respect the rights of other guests. If the room is reserved for an event, signage will be posted. Abuse of lounges will result in loss of privileges.

Jacksonville University Information
Information about Jacksonville University and Applications are available in the Admissions Office. Please call 904-256-7000 if you would like to make an appointment with an Admission Counselor or visit our website at

Room Furniture and Changes 
You are responsible for maintaining that all room furnishing are in check-in condition and all furniture must remain within the room. If furniture is rearranged or moved, fines will be assessed. Please discuss any changes with University Conference Assistance Staff.

Florida Clean Indoor Act stipulates that there be no smoking in any educational facility in the state. This includes residence hall, rooms and balconies. Smokers must go to designated smoking areas to smoke. Please dispose of all smoking debris in proper containers. Please do not smoke near or around the entrances of any buildings.

Threats or Violence, Verbal or Written 
The College will not tolerate threats of physical harm, bomb threats, and/or any violent acts. Such incidents will result in notification of law enforcement agencies. Violators will be required to leave the campus.

Trash and Recycling
Jacksonville University has a strong commitment to recycling. Please separate your trash and place it in the appropriate containers. Trash and recycling containers are located in the residence hallways.

Wall Hangings 
Painter tape (blue tape) and white putty (available in most office supply stores) are the only approved means to hang items on the walls. Fines will be assessed if walls are damaged from unauthorized wall hanging materials. Fire code restricts the hanging of posters, etc​. in residential hallways.