Event Scheduling

JU Faculty, staff and students may request a reservation for space for a host of meetings, programs and events on Jacksonville University's campus.

Under the mission and goals of the university, we support events that are beneficial to students, faculty, staff, academic departments and our community. JU's array of indoor and outdoor venues feature a broad range of functionality to accommodate your needs.  Whether it's a student affair, lecture, banquet or campus-wide celebration, our goal is to offer tools and information essential to your event planning needs. 

Here you'll find guidelines for submitting requests, a wealth of resources and a comprehensive university event calendar to help you plan your next successful meeting, program or event. 

Schedule an event

Read the following definitions carefully to determine the appropriate category for your experience.  Note that examples given are not all inclusive.  Please be sure all information provided is accurate, as misrepresentations may result in an adjustment of related fees and/or the loss of reservation privileges for university facilities.

Please note new approval requirements: Student-sponsored events must be approved by Student Life.  Faculty-sponsored events must be approved by your college's Academic Dean and Staff-sponsored events must be approved by your department's Senior Vice President, prior to your reservation being confirmed. 

Internal or Minor Campus Event:  Internal events are those hosted by JU student/faculty/staff for JU student/faculty/staff only.

Minor campus events are those that have less than 30 guests and require minimal logistical or resource provider support and occur in fixed rooms or academic spaces.  These events may include small technology systems and table/chair requests and catering services.  These events can be booked directly through 25Live Pro.  Examples of Minor Campus events are department meetings, student organization gatherings, guest speakers, workshops.

25Live Pro

External, Co-Hosted or Major Campus Events:  This is for any event where non-University guests are invited to JU's campus.

Major campus events may require extensive logistical/resource provide support including, but not limited to: large audio/visual equipment, IT support, resources moving and set up, campus safety, catering and other services. These events normally occur in specified major event venues and/or outdoors, and require detailed set up and room configurations.

Venue examples: DCOB Conference Rooms, River House, Terry Concert Hall, Swisher Theater and Kinne Banquet Hall.

Requests must be submitted at least 15 business days/21 days prior to the event and must be approved.  To submit an event request, please complete the Special Event Request Form.  You do not need to put into 25Live Pro.  You will receive follow up communication within 72 business hours.  Once approved, finalized notification of your event location will be sent via email from 25Live Pro.

Special Events Form