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The English department at JU is as diverse and inclusive as the discipline itself. Our program focuses on the study of language and English & American literature, of course, but also allows students to supplement their studies with coursework in film, creative writing, young adult literature, the graphic novel, and other related ‘special topics.’

Within our department, we have housed the Feast and Folly players who help bring Shakespeare to life; the Inklings who have sponsored events such as ‘Hogwarts Day’ on campus; the Aquarian which publishes an annual magazine of creative writing and visual art; and a Writing Center that employs English majors to tutor students from across campus.

At JU, an English degree does mean an advanced appreciation of language and literature, but it also goes beyond that. You can expect a curriculum that will improve your writing and reading skills, sharpen your critical and analytic thinking, , and allow you to refine your aesthetic sensibilities. It is no wonder that, according to Bloomberg Business Week, many hiring managers at top firms and investment banks prefer hiring Liberal Arts majors (like English!) to students trained only in general ‘business’ programs.

Program Description

Jacksonville University offers a thriving English program with a full range of courses and student activities. The English major consists of various literature courses including both traditional ‘survey’ courses that cover the cannons of American and English literature and more specialized courses that can range from detective fiction to young adult fiction, film, or science fiction.

Additionally, students can emphasize writing or even choose an additional minor in writing. Writing courses cover the entire gambit from rhetoric and argument to poetry or magazine writing. Students will find a variety of Writing Intensive course offerings that rotate from one semester to the next. These courses develop skills that have helped place our majors into graduate schools for medicine, law, English, education, and so on.

We understand that our majors have a diverse set of goals for their careers beyond JU, and our department tries to keep a variety of courses that will allow you to customize your major to suit those goals, whether you’d like to teach, continue onto grad school, law school, or enter the job market right away.

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JU’s English Department is located in the Council Building. To inquire about applying to our program, you can contact the Office of Admissions at (904) 256-7000 or (800) 225-2027 (toll-free) or by e-mail at

If you are already a student, stop by the the Humanities d​ivision office in the Council building or dial x7102.

The English Department is chaired by Dr. Julie Brannon.