​​​​​Sport Business​

Our Sport Business program provides students with a solid foundation in business integrated into a dynamic sport curriculum. A recent Price Waterhouse report notes that revenue in the sport industry continues to rise and is expected to total almost $145 billion by 2015.

You'll examine how well a sponsor's marketing plan is communicated to fans at a golf tournament. Or maybe investigate the impact of a football game or a car race on a city's economy. Our coursework helps students progress through a range of sport classes in promotion, technology, finance and management and is capped off with a senior seminar class where students work with a client on a real-world project.

Jacksonville University's location in northeast Florida offers students a strong symbiotic link to practical experience opportunities with professional sports teams, leagues and organizations from auto racing and golf to football and tennis.

Career Opportunities

Students earning the BBA in Sport Business will be prepared to enter the industry at a variety of levels including community, scholastic, collegiate and professional positions.  Opportunities in the Sport Business profession range from marketing, finance and management to sponsorship, public relations or communications.   The core business courses provide the basis for students to progress to a collection of Sport Business courses that emphasize the diverse nature of the industry along with requirements to approach the decision-making process using a quantitative approach.

In the News

Sport Business Faculty

Carol Dole

Dr. Carol Dole

Department Chair, Sport Business​


Todd Hall

Dr. Todd Hall

Assistant Professor, Sport Business