This list of definitions have been provided for you convenience should you come across anything you do not understand within this website.

AGGREGATION- a mass of distinct things gathered together in a group.
AGILE- quick and easy in movement.
ALGAE- a group of primitive plants, one-celled or many-celled, containing clorophyll and found in water or damp places.
AQUATIC- living or growing in, on or near water; having a water habitat.
BARNACLE- a shell-bearing sea animal that attaches itself to rocks, ship bottoms, etc.
BLUBBER- a thick, insulating layer of fat beneath the skin of marine mammals.
BRACKISH- of water, having less salt content than sea water, but still undrinkable.
BULL- term used to describe an adult manatee.
BUOYANCY- ability to float.
CALF- term used to describe a newborn or young manatee.
CONFLICT- a struggle between two or more parties.
CONGREGATION- a gathering.
CONSERVATION- the care and protection of our natural resources, such as forests, endangered species, etc.
COW- term used to describe an adult female manatee.
DISCHARGE- to release, as in warm water from power plants into natural waters.
DOCILE- easy-going, mild mannered.
DUGONG- one of two species of marine mammals in the order Sirenia, the dugong and seacow.
ECOLOGY- the study of the interrelationships which exist between organisms and their environment.
EFFLUENT- liquid which flows away from a constraining space or main waterway.
EMERGENT- protruding above the water's surface, as on cattails.
ENDANGERED- to place in jeopardy; expose to loss.
ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT OF 1973- strong legislative action which served to protect various species of native fish and wildlife that are threatened with extinction.
ENVIRONMENT- surroundings; conditions surrounding and affecting the development of an organism.
ESTRUS- period in female during which ovulation occurs and the animal is receptive to mating.
ESTUARY- a semi-closed coastal body of water which is connected to the open sea and within which sea water is diluted with fresh water; highly productive body of water.
EXTERMINATE- to destroy entirely; wipe out.
EXTINCT- having died out; no longer in existence as in Stellar's seacow.
FEDERAL MARINE MAMMAL PROTECTION ACT OF 1972- prohibits the taking, sale, possession, importation and transportation of certain marine mammals in the U.S.
FLORIDA MANATEE SANCTUARY ACT OF 1978- legislative action which requires slow speeds by boat traffic in designated areas where manatees are known to congregate at certain times of the year(winter)
FLUCTUATIONS- to move up and down, unstable.
FLUKE- term applied to the large tail of the manatee.
FLUVIAL- of, found in or protected by a river.
HARASSMENT- the act of worrying or tormenting, as to harass an animal.
HERBICIDE- chemical agent that destroys or inhibits plant growth.
HERBIVORE- animal that eats only plants, vegetation.
HERD- term used to designate a group of manatees.
HYACINTH- an aquatic plant of the lily family, which has been introduced to Florida's waterways and is considered an exotic pest.
LACTIC- of or obtained from milk.
LETHARGIC- lazy, listless.
MAMMAL- a large class of warm-blooded animals of which have a body covered with hair and the females have milk-secreting glands for feeding their offspring.
MANDATORY- an order of law that must be followed.
MARINE- of or pertaining to the sea.
MERMAID- according to legend, a sea creature with the head and body of a woman and the tail of a fish (early reports are thought to liken this to the manatee)
MONOFILLAMENT- a type of line used in fishing.
MORPHOLOGY- a branch of biology which deals with the structure and form of an organism an any stage of its life history.
MORTALITY- the ratio of deaths to population; death rate.
NICHE- an especially suited place or position.
PESTICIDES- a chemical agent which destroys undesirable organisms.
PHYSIOLOGY- the study of functions and vital processes of living organisms.
POACHING- act of hunting or catching game illegally; to steal.
POLYANDROUS- the practice of having more that one mate at a time.
PROPELLER- a device having a series of blades mounted at an angle for driving forward a boat or an aircraft.
PROPULSION- being propelled or moved forward.
RANGE- distance traveled; limited area.
REFUGE- shelter or protection from danger.
RESIDUE- that which is left after part is removed; remainder.
SANCTUARY- a place of refuge or protection.
SENSITIVITY- very easily affected by some type of agent.
SIRENIANS- in zoology, the order of aquatic mammals which include living manatees and dugongs; nearly hairless, thick skinned mammals without handlimbs and with paddlelike forelimbs.
SKEG- an extension of the stern end of the keel of a boat, which in some cases passes under the propeller and supports the rudder post.
SPRING- a flow of water from the ground.
STATUS- position, rank.
STELLAR SEACOW- of the manatee family, a species that is extinct.
SUBMERGED- a place or sink beneath the water's surface.
TRIBUTARIES- a stream flowing into a larger river.
TROPICAL- pertaining to the region between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, which has a very warm climate.
VALVES- a membrane structure which opens and closes the nostrils of the seacow, permitting the animal to breathe.
VANDALISM- the act of destroying or damaging.
VEGETARIAN- one who eats no meat, only vegetables.
VULNERABLE- open to or easily hurt by criticism, attack.