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Facebook Page

Follow the link to our facebook, and join the group.  This is a good way to meet the people who are already part of the team.

Orgsync Page

Already go to JU? Orgsync is like facebook, but it is for organizations associated with the school.  Follow this link to join our orgsync page.

Coach and Advisors

Dobson Performance Shooting School

David Dobson, the JU Shooting Team’s Head Coach, Founder, and Faculty Advisor is one of only three people to ever obtain both  NSCA, Level III and NSSA, Level III Instructor Certifications.  Aside from coaching the team, he also runs his own shooting school and business consulting practice.

Dr. Priscilla Berry

Dr. Priscilla Berry was the JU shooting team’s inaugural faculty advisor. She provided for a long-term vision for the shooting team and gave many selfless contributions.  We are deeply indebted to her.

Shotgun Ranges

Jacksonville Gun Club

Jacksonville Gun Club is the main practice facility for our team. The club has many skeet and trap fields, as well as 5-stand.  This is also where team members can store their guns and ammunition.

Amelia Shotgun Sports

Amelia Shotgun Sports boasts a challenging sporting clays course, as well as 5-stand, skeet and trap.

WW Sporting Clays

WW Sporting Clays is home to a challenging sporting clays course, skeet range and a competition level 5-stand