Become a Student Ambassador

Student Inclusion Ambassadors are change agents on campus dedicated to serving and representing the Student Inclusion Center, as well as being liaisons to various university committees and student organizations. Ambassadors have a passion for diversity, inclusion and social justice and assist by:

  • Promoting, planning and executing the Center’s programs and services
  • Participating in leadership development opportunities
  • Promoting Jacksonville University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Helping bring diverse groups of students together to engage and learn from each other
  • Representing the Student Inclusion Center at outreach events (resource fairs, orientations, etc.)
  • Building partnerships with student organizations

Student Inclusion Ambassadors will have multiple opportunities to develop and strengthen personal and professional skills needed to become an effective leader, which include:

  • Understanding and working with diverse people
  • Collaborating and building relationships across cultures
  • Effective communication
  • Time management and personal accountability
  • Resolving conflict
  • Mentoring and motivating others
  • Developing self-awareness and social responsibility
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Development of leadership, group dynamics, communication, and public speaking skills

Student Inclusion Ambassadors strive to build better intercultural relations while increasing campus-wide participation in cross cultural and multicultural programming.


The Center is not looking for Ambassadors at this time. 

Benefits of becoming a Student Inclusion Ambassador

  • Career Advancement
  • Campus Leadership Opportunities
  • Social Engagement
  • Increased Cultural Competence