About the Student Inclusion Center


Our mission is to: (1) support those underserved and marginalized, (2) empower students to be their authentic selves, and (3) advocate for the injustices of others through experiential learning and collaborative partnerships.


Our vision is to develop a supportive, inclusive and just campus culture that embraces and celebrates the Jacksonville University community and beyond.


  • Advocacy: We inspire members of the community to advocate for their needs as well as the needs of others.
  • Collaboration: We strive to create purposeful relationships in which all parties achieve shared objectives.
  • Community: We actively build an inclusive, safe and positive environment for all members of the Jacksonville University community.
  • Empowerment: We will cultivate an environment of personal responsibility for students to become stronger and more confident in. resolving problems and bettering society.
  • Learning: We will contribute to the academic experience through creating thought-provoking and transformative learning experiences.


  • We will build community by cultivating an inclusive and positive university climate.
  • We will contribute to the academic experience by fostering students’ ability to think critically.
  • We will provide students with resources to promote social justice at Jacksonville University and beyond.
  • We will facilitate students’ individual transformation.