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Jacksonville University has partnerships with a multitude of local, regional, and national non-profit, charitable, education, military veteran, faith-based, and other organizations. These strategic partnerships are designed to enhance the experiences of our students, faculty, staff and alumni; as well as to stimulate positive impact throughout communities across the globe.

Jacksonville University – Duval County Public School Partnership

Jacksonville University is partnering with Duval County Public Schools to provide additional speech and language services to the GRASP Academy, an innovative choice school that assists students who have documented challenges in reading, writing, and math. Starting in January 2016, faculty from the Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences at JU began training graduate students in the new Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) training program to provide enhanced language and literacy strategies to GRASP Academy students.

United Way

United Way of Northeast Florida is a non-profit organization whose vision is to impact the education, health, and financial stability of people living in our region. Their core values include accountability, leadership, inclusiveness, volunteerism, and excellence. Jacksonville University partners with United Way every year and hosts a month-long campaign seeking donation for the cause. Our goal is to engage JU faculty and staff by providing them with an opportunity to give back through the United Way campaign in order to benefit the community. As a non-profit organization ourselves, we take pride in helping to support other local non-profits such as United Way.