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Majoring in Sustainability

In the Sustainability program at JU, the question of sustainability is addressed by a variety of disciplines: economics, business, biology, chemistry, geology, geography, political science, ethics and philosophy. The common goal of the courses in the major is to encourage students to examine the complex intersections of social, economic, and environmental systems, and to inquire into the conditions that will permit all three to flourish. The Sustainability major at JU brings into sharper focus the question asked by education in the liberal arts and sciences: What is best way of life for free people in a free society? What are the conditions necessary for humans to thrive? In other words, how can we harmonize the needs of the environment, the economy, and society to best sustain all three? 

Sustainability Club

This student club addresses a wide range of topics from on-campus recycling to working with local elementary school students to beautify their school and create garden beds. This group helps student apply what they learn in the classroom to our campus, Arlington, and the greater Jacksonville area.

Nelms Plaza

Outdoor break/study areas

We fully leverage our beautiful riverfront location by providing locations that enable our students, faculty, staff, and visitors to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of campus.

  • Nelms Plaza Outdoor Seating Area
  • DuPont Plaza Outdoor Seating Area
  • Riverfront Park and Amphitheatre