Charter Week

Join us all week (April 9 – 14) as we celebrate Charter Week 2018. Check out President Tim Cost's preview of the week to come (video length is 0:29).

Video Transcript

Hey, everybody, it's Tim Cost, class of 1981. Welcome back to the beautiful campus of Jacksonville University. Welcome to Charter Week. It's an exciting week where we've gone from a celebration of our founding in 1934, and we've turned it into a Day of Service. It's become something we're known for, an outreach, a legacy, where we invest in the community through the Big Green Give, which I hope you'll consider. So, if you get a chance, check out the link below. Get yourself engaged in Charter Week, and go Dolphins!

Every year, Jacksonville University celebrates its birthday and the signing of its charter. In honor of our founding, the University hosts Charter Week, involving service to our community, celebratory activities, and a Global Toast for our friends around the world who cannot be with us in person for the festivities.

Whether on campus or celebrating in your community, students, faculty, staff, and alumni are encouraged to join in the festivities, and wear your green and white with pride.​​

Big Green Give: Click to participateCharter Week

One day isn't enough to celebrate Charter Day, so we've expanded the festivities into a full Charter Week! Check out the Schedule of Events for a full list of activities.

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If you're participating in Charter Week, hashtag your photos and updates!

The official hashtag for Charter Week and Charter Day of Service is #jugives.

The official hashtag if you're joining us remotely for the Global Toast on 4/12 is #jutoast.​