Secondary Education Major

The Secondary Education major is offered as a double major option available only to those students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in a primary major and planning to teach grades 6-12. While the primary major will prepare the student to be knowledgeable with respect to subject area content, the Secondary Education double major is designed to include pedagogical best practices along with field experiences as well as student teaching. This is not a state approved program. Information regarding teacher certification in Florida can be found at

Students seeking certification in Foreign Language, Music or Dance will replace one of the following courses for the “Methods of Teaching Middle and Secondary 6-12 Content” course listed on the program of study.

  • Foreign Language majors:
    EDU 485 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language K-12
    (Independent Study through Foreign language Dept.)
  • Music majors:
    MUS 361 Methods of Teaching Music in the Elementary School, or
    MUS 363 Methods of Teaching Music in the Secondary School
  • Dance majors:
    DANC 335 Dance Teaching Methods

Background Check Requirement

Participation in field experiences, which occur in public educational settings in Duval County and are required throughout the Secondary Education double major, necessitate finger printing and successful background clearance. Secondary Education double major students MUST be fingerprinted and have a cleared background check through Duval County Public Schools at the beginning of the first semester in the School of Education. The cost of the fingerprinting varies usually between $70-$85 and must be paid before the fingerprint appointment. Fingerprinting is the responsibility of the student. Field experiences will not be offered to students failing background and/or fingerprinting clearance.

Secondary Education Major Requirements

Only offered as a second major in conjunction with another B.A. or B.S. major.

Curriculum for the Secondary Education Major requires the following courses, a total of 40 hours for the double major:

  • EDU 102: Human Development and Learning (3)
  • EDU 103: PM 1: Introduction & Foundations in Education (3)
  • EDU 115: PM 2: ESOL 1: Cross Cultural Communication and Understanding (3)
  • EDU 202: PM 3: Planning & Curriculum (3)
  • EDU 302: PM 4: Instructional Strategies (2)
  • EDU 401: Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment in Education (3)
  • EDU 416WI: PM 5: Best Practices in Teaching (fulfills Writing Intensive requirement) (2)
  • EDU 441: Practicum in the Secondary School (1-credit-hour course taken 3 different semesters) (3)
  • EDU 449: Student Teaching Seminar (3)
  • EDU 453: Student Teaching Methods of Teaching Middle & Secondary 6-12 Content (Specific EDU methods course depends on content of first major subject area) (3)
  • EDU 486: Reading & Learning Skills in Content Areas for Middle & High School Teachers (3)

NOTE: Secondary Education majors may satisfy the Speech Intensive (SI) requirement with the Speech Intensive requirement of their first major, COMM 201SI: Introduction to General Speech Communication, or other Speech Intensive (SI) course of their choosing.