5-Year Master in Elementary Education Program

Five Year Teacher Education Program

The School of Education offers a State Approved Five Year Program for students to graduate with both the Master in Education and Bachelors in Science. This program prepares students to teach in the State of Florida and other states. Students receive both degrees upon successful completion of the program.

Teacher Education candidates complete a Program of Study closely aligned with the State of Florida Statute for Teacher Certification (Statute 6A.5006). Students in the Elementary Education Concentration, upon completion of the Program of Study are endorsed to teach Reading and ESOL.

Teacher Certification

Students must apply to the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) for their teacher certification at www.fldoe.org. A certification gained after graduating from a State Approved Teacher Education Program in the State of Florida holds reciprocity with 44 other states in the U.S. Upon graduation of the School of Education State Approved Teacher Education Program, official Jacksonville University transcripts provides notation of State Approved completion status.

The School of Education maintains a 100% pass rate on all FTCE Exams.

Program Requirements

Jacksonville University, School of Education maintains a 100% pass rate for all State Approved Teacher Education Program candidates on all Florida Teacher Certification Examinations.

Admissions Requirements

All students must apply to the Five Year Teacher Education Program during the first year in Education courses:

  • GPA 2.5 or above
  • Fingerprinting and successful background check
  • * Pass on the General Knowledge FTCE Exam
  • Submit SOE 5 Year Teacher Education Program Application

Requirements for application to the Graduate (fifth-year) program ():

  • Must be a JU student.
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 and/or a score of 1000 on the GRE
  • Pass on the Subject Area and Professional Educators FTCE Exams. Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) documentation must be on file in the School of Education office at time of application.
  • Passed all Program required classes with a 'C' or higher.
  • Submit Student Teaching Application
  • Submit Fifth Year Teacher Education Program Application and references

Program Requirements

Requirements for the State-Approved Teacher Education Program are as follows:

  • Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50 in order to remain in good standing.
  • If the GPA drops below a 2.50, the student is placed on academic probation for one semester. Failure to fulfill the required GPA after one (1) semester probation will result in loss of candidacy in the State Approved Program.

Program Completion

  • Students receive both degrees (B.S./M.Ed.) at the successful completion of the M.Ed. coursework.
  • Students must pass all state and program related examinations.

Field Placements

Each semester, every student has a field placement as part of their education class. The student begins with observations and builds over time to full-time student teaching in the final year. Field placements require the student to organize their class schedule with the schedule of the teacher they are placed with. Field placements are a wonderful opportunity to work in a wide range of settings with a variety of students.

Background Check Requirements

Participation in field experiences, which occur in public educational settings in Duval County and are required throughout the Teacher Preparation Program, necessitate finger printing and successful background clearance. The cost of the fingerprinting varies usually between $80-$90 and must be paid before the fingerprint appointment. Fingerprinting is the responsibility of the student. Field experiences will not be offered to students failing background and/or fingerprinting clearance.

Field Experience

All field experiences are off campus at K-12 schools in Duval County.

Program of Study: Elementary Education Major (M.Ed., B.S.)

The following course sequence is recommended to all Elementary Education Major students who come to Jacksonville University as a freshman. Any deviation from this plan may lead to additional semesters at Jacksonville University.

Year 1

Fall Semester 1 (15)

  • EDU 102: Human Devel. & Learning (3)
  • EDU 103: PM 1 Intro & Foundations (3)
  • *MATH 110: Math of Motion & Change (3)
  • *ENGL 103: Intro to Writing (3)
  • CS 150: Personal Prod Using Technology (3)

Spring Semester 1 (16)

  • EDU 115: PM 2 ESOL 1: Cross Cultural Communication and Understanding (3)
  • *PS 104/116: Astronomy and Lab (4)
  • *ENGL 203: World Literature (3)
  • XXX: Elective (3)
  • *HIST 150: Modern World (3)

Year 2

Fall Semester 2 (15)

  • EDU 202: PM 3 Planning & Curriculum
  • ELE 202: CM 1 Math I (5)
  • *ECON 201: Macroeconomics
  • EDU 248: ESOL 2: Methods of Teaching ESOL (3)
  • EDU 446-1: Practicum in Schools (1)

Spring Semester 2 (15)

  • EDU 302: PM 4 Instr. Strat. & Classroom Manag. (2)
  • EDU 231: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners (3)
  • *POL 205: American Gov't & Politics (3)
  • *PHIL 101: Intro to Phil. (3)
  • IS XXX: JU Core (3)
  • EDU 446-2: Practicum in Schools (1)

Year 3

Fall Semester 3 (17)

  • EDU 349: ESOL 3: Curriculum and Materials (3)
  • ELE 301: CM 3 Social Studies (5)
  • ELE 303: CM 4 Technology (5)
  • ELE 311: Foundations of Reading Instruction (3)
  • EDU 446-3: Practicum in Schools (1)

Spring Semester 3 (14)

  • ELE 305: CM 5 Math II (5)
  • ELE 307: CM 6 Science (5)
  • ELE 313: Research Based Instructional Reading Practices (3)
  • EDU 446-4: Practicum in Schools (1)

Year 4

Fall Semester 4 (15)

  • EDU 416: PM 5 Best Practices in Teaching (2)
  • ELE 413: Foundations of Reading Assessment (3)
  • EDU 455: ESOL 4: Applied Linguistics for ESOL Education (3)
  • HUM XXX: JU Core (3)
  • FA XXX: Fine Arts Core (3)
  • EDU 446-5: Practicum in Schools (1)

Spring Semester 4 (15)

  • EDU 417: PM 6 Assessment of Learning (5)
  • CM 8 Foundations of Applications of Diff. Instr. (3)
  • EDU 456: ESOL 5: Testing and Evaluation of ESOL (3)
  • EDU XXX: Education Course TBD (3)
  • EDU 466-6: Practicum in Schools (1)

Year 5

Fall Semester 5 (15)

  • ELE 501: Demonstrations for Reading Endorsement (3)
  • EDU 513: Introduction to Action Research in Education (3)
  • EDU 524: Student Teaching Seminar (3)
  • EDU 553: Student Teaching (6)

Spring Semester 5 (10)

  • EDU 533: Teacher Leadership I (3)
  • EDU 534: Teacher Leadership II (3)
  • EDU 543: Action Research I (3)
  • EDU 548: Action Research II (2)
  • EDU 525: Graduate Seminar (3)
  • EDU 546: Practicum in Schools (1)

Important Notes

The preceding Program of Study (POS) is required for Elementary Education majors. **The POS consists of 152 hours, which includes 3 hours of required electives. Any deviation from this plan may lead to additional semesters at Jacksonville University. Transfer students and students changing majors must meet with an Education Faculty Advisor to develop a Program of Study prior to registration for Education courses.

All courses with a prefix of EDU or ELE must have a grade of “C” or better. The School of Education does not grant + or – grades. All courses designated with an asterisk (*) must have a grade of C- or better.

The State-Approved Elementary Education Teaching Program prepares students in the Teacher Education major for certified positions as elementary education teachers in public and private school settings, grades K-6.