History A Department of the Division of Social Sciences

When you major in History, you explore the making of today’s world. Your starting point might be the distant or the near past; your focus might be the U.S. or another region; your perspective might be political, social, military, or one of many other approaches. The end result will be a greater understanding of the past, of historical change, and of the historical context of today’s global challenges.

At JU, the members of the History faculty each teach classes in four or more advanced topics, and if you have an interest not in the curriculum the faculty will work with you on an independent study. You will see your skills at analysis and writing develop, which will serve you well inside or outside of a career in history. To pursue engaged learning at its fullest, you will have opportunities for internships, study abroad, and presentation of your research at state and national conferences.

Major and Minor Requirements

Major requirements Minor requirements


  • MOSH: Museum of Science and History
  • Jacksonville Historical Society
  • JU Swisher Library
  • Fort Caroline National Monument
  • Old Arlington, Inc.

History Education

Students who plan to teach History on the secondary level should consult with the School of Education early in their academic careers to determine the specific requirements.


Jesse Hingson

JU LogoDivision Chair; Professor of History

S. Walker Blanton

S. Walker BlantonProfessor of History

Ashley Parcells

Ashley ParcellsAssistant Professor of History

Matthew Unangst

Matthew UnangstAssistant Professor of History