BFA Visual DesignCurriculum & Major Requirements

Collage featuring student work and students working in the graphic design studio.

BFA Visual Design

Students working towards a BFA in Visual Design get a deep understanding of classic Graphic Design practices within a program that emphasizes contemporary design principles across fields of Brand Strategy, Communication Design, User Experience, User Interface Design and Motion Graphics. Through a senior capstone experience, The Visual Design degree gives students the autonomy to specialize and be better prepared for the growing demands of the graphic designer's role in tomorrow's digitally driven society.

Major Requirements for the BFA in Visual Design

Major Requirements for the BFA in Art in Graphic Design
Course Code Course Credit Hours
ARH XXX Art History Elective 3
ART XXX Art History Elective 3
ART 100 2-D Art Foundations 4
ART 101 3-D Art Foundations 4
ART 107 Drawing 1 3
ART 202 Illustration Methods 4
ART 205 Intro to Digital Photography 4
MART 141 Design Thinking 3
MART 212 Foundations Seminar 2
MART 201 Digital Art 3
MART 241 Typography 3
MART 283 Editing 3
MART 341 Design Styles and Methods 3
MART 342 Brand Strategy and Visual Systems 3
MART 343 Interaction Design 3
MART 384 Time Based Arts 3
MART 441 Creative Entrepreneurship 3
MART 450WR Senior Thesis 3
MART 451SR Senior Thesis 3
MART 490  Internship 3