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​    At Jacksonville University, Communication students don’t just learn theory,  they put it into practice every day—writing, editing, producing, and filming for  the student-run TV and web radio station. From concept to production to   business management, students handle every aspect of the yearbook and  student award-winning newspaper The Navigator.

    Communication majors are out fron​t, behind the scenes, and in the middle of  it  all. With small classes and media labs, every student participates as much as  he  or she wants.  What’s more, you p​ersonally tailor your major to specialize in  one  of the following:

  • Newspaper or magazine journalism
  • Electronic media for radio and TV
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Oral communication

 A communication major offers you a flexible, solid foundation for any career.  No wonder it’s one of our most popular majors!

 For additional or specific information, you can write, call or e-mail us:

 Professor Dennis Stouse
 Coordinator, Department of Communication

 Office of Admission
 904-256-7000 or 800-225-2027 (toll-free)