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Modern dance trio

The Dance Department presents two fully produced main-stage dance concerts and several alternative performances offering JU dancers many opportunities to perform in an academic year. Dance classes are held in the Alexander Brest Dance Pavilion, a state-of-the-art, double-level facility uniquely designed for dance and dance-related activities. Additional classes are held in the newly converted Fine Arts Hall. Most classes have live music accompaniment and technique classes are small and individualized, allowing for both the artistic and technical growth of the student.

The four year B.F.A. degree in Dance provides pre-professional training in a program of intense dance study with strong ballet, and modern technique which prepares the student for a career as a performer, choreographer or for continued graduate studies in dance and dance-related fields. All B.F.A. majors must complete the advanced Level IV technique classes before graduation.

The four-year B.A. degree in Dance offers the dance major training in dance technique, choreography and theory with the flexibility to study in other academic fields and disciplines. Often in preparation for a graduate degree, the B.A. student might pursue a second degree. Please refer to the School of Education or School of Health Sciences of the Academic course catalog for specific requirements concerning the secondary Education or Kinesiology minor.