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Two dental implantology residents performing dental implant surgery with Dr. Hilt Tatum

Why Choose Our Oral Implantology Residency?

Jacksonville University's Master of Science in Dentistry and Certificate in Comprehensive Oral Implantology is 36-month paid residency program, supported by the Comprehensive Oral Implantology Residency Foundation (COIRF) and recognized as using the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) post-graduate core curriculum for dental implantology.

The Master of Science in Dentistry and Certificate in Comprehensive Oral Implantology program, also known as the Alfred L. “Duke” Heller & O. Hilt Tatum Comprehensive Oral Implantology Residency Program, it combines cutting-edge clinical residency experience with advanced training through online courses instructed by world-renowned practitioners.

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"My advice to dentists considering this program is to do it.  Take your life to new levels. This program will get you there." - Dr. Neal Redman, JU Comprehensive Oral Implantology resident


Registration is now open for the July 2023 cohort.


Dr. Hilt Tatum with student during instructional surgery

One of a Kind Program

Jacksonville University's MS in Dentistry with Certification in Comprehensive Oral Implantology is the first and only degree of its kind. Residents of this highly-coveted program will go through extensive training focused on clinical proficiency in surgery, prosthetics, and maintenance as related to dental implants and comprehensive oral implantology.

Developed by Dr. Hilt Tatum, founder of the Dental Implant Residency Program, with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry's (AAID) post-graduate core curriculum for dental implantology, this multidisciplinary program encompasses surgical, periodontal, prosthetic, and long term maintenance.

Residents of the JU Comprehensive Oral Implantology Program will gain:

  • Hands-on in-person instruction during a paid residency at University-affiliated implant dentistry clinics located throughout the Nation
  • Knowledge of two- and three-dimensional radiographic imaging systems, biomechanics and biomaterials related to implantology, digital laboratory technology, basic and advanced alveolar reconstructive surgery, and more
  • Portfolio of oral implantology casework and advanced training through state-of-the-art online courses guided by oral implantology experts
  • Receipt of a Master of Science in Dentistry degree along with a Certificate of Comprehensive Oral Implantology

Scholarship & Opportunities

Jacksonville University is offering a scholarship for residents of the Alfred L. “Duke” Heller & O. Hilt Tatum Comprehensive Oral Implantology Residency Program. When awarded, the scholarship will provide $10,000 for the first year of program. To apply for the scholarship, residents will need to submit a personal essay attached to their application.

Residents are eligible to apply for the Student/Resident AAID Membership.

Completion of the program may satisfy the application requirements of multiple organizations and certifying boards in oral implantology.

"If you love surgery and you love to push yourself and you love to grow your craft, I think this would be a wonderful program for you."  - Dr. John Shin, JU Comprehensive Oral Implantology resident


JU Comprehensive Oral Implantology instructor and resident performing surgery on a patient

ADMISSIONSApplication Criteria

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) / Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), or equivalent
  • US National Board scores Part I & Part II 
  • Letters of recommendation (2) from:
    • Chair or Dean of your Dental School
    • Dental School Faculty, or Professional Colleague who can attest to the character and background of the applicant
  • Personal essay (max. 500 words)
  • A one-way recorded virtual interview. This can be done from anywhere! The questions will be presented to you at the time of recording. You will have 10 minutes to respond to five questions. This component is found within the online application; you will not receive a separate link.

In addition to the above criteria, international dental students must also provide:

  • International dental graduate students must possess a U.S. or Canadian Dental Degree or the educational equivalent as determined by the Program Director
  • TOEFL scores above the 90th percentile (270 computer, 610 paper)
  • Current US Visa (in case of an interview

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"I chose to attend the comprehensive oral implantology program to further my own skillset, provide for our community, and walk in the footsteps of some of the 'Greats' before us." - Dr. Nainesh Tailor, JU Comprehensive Oral Implantology resident

Dr. Hilt Tatum instructing during a dental implant surgery

"The revolutionary reconstruction of the entire oral masticatory process – bone, soft tissue, and teeth - utilizing implants and dental restorations, is an advanced field of surgery taught only in this program."

Dr. Hilt Tatum, D.D.S.Founder of the Dental Implantology Residency Program

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