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Additional Clinical Residencies opening in AZ, TX, SD, TN, OH, NY, NJ, VA, AL, GA, and FL for July 2023 Cohort.

Current Clinical Residency Sites

Brighter Way Institute

Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Todd Erickson, Clinical Director

Dr. Michael Rosen, Resident

Gibney Dentistry

Spring Hill, FL

Dr. James W. Gibney, Clinical Director

Dr. Garrett Lipsey, Resident

Implant & Comprehensive Dentistry

Champions Gate, FL

Dr. Steven Hewett, Clinical Director

Dr. Rajiv Patel, Clinical Co-Director

Dr. Natalie Hage, Resident

Eastlake Center for Implants & Restorative Dentistry

Palm Harbor, FL

Dr. Meyur Mehta, Clinical Director

Dr. Nainesh Tailor, Resident

The Center for Implants and Aesthetics

Englewood, NJ

Dr. John C. Minichetti, Clinical Director

Dr. Cara Minichetti, Resident

Dental Center of the Carolinas

Winston Salem and Greensboro, NC

Dr. Andrew Wayne Kelly, Clinical Director

Dr. Vanessa Phan, Resident

Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry

Lewis Center, OH

Dr. Alfred “Duke” Heller, Clinical Director

Dr. Rob Heller, Clinical Co-Director

Dr. Renee DiDonato, Resident

Dr. John Shin, Resident

Oregon Dental Implant Residency

Hillsboro, OR

Dr. James Miller, Clinical Director

Dr. Aleks Lyashenko, Resident

Eugene, OR

Dr. Shane Samy, Clinical Director

Dr. Kathryn Nicholson, Resident

Pineview, OR

Dr. Duane Starr, Clinical Director

Dr. Neil Redman, Resident

Whidbey Dental Associates

Oak Harbor, WA

Dr. Doug Wirth, Clinical Director

Dr. Derek Wirth, Resident

Dr. Jared Wirth, Resident


Smile Dental Implant Center

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Dr. William Liang, Clinical Director

Dr. Jonathan Tsang, Resident

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