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Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Commercial MusicCurriculum

The Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz & Commercial Music is a music performance degree that compliments JU’s music performance core with a combination of music business and commercial music courses, a rigorous sequence of jazz theory/improvisation courses, lecture courses, jazz ensembles, and applied lessons. This program is designed to respond to the needs of the modern performer. Students will have an opportunity to glean from some of the leading faculty performers and composers in their respective fields and develop the ability to perform, write, arrange, produce, record, and market the results of their efforts in order to compete in the ever-evolving music industry.


Sample Courses

  • Jazz Theory & Fundamentals 
  • Jazz Theory & Improvisation 1
  • Jazz Theory & Improvisation 2
  • Advanced Jazz Theory & Improvisation 
  • Jazz Piano
  • Chamber Jazz & Large Ensembles

Admissions Requirements

Jazz & Commercial Music majors are required to audition for entrance into the program and scholarships are awarded based on merit and talent. For more information on the audition requirements, visit

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