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Dolphinium Records

Office location

Dolphinium Records
Division of Music
2800 University Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Dolphinium Records is the student-run, campus based record label for Jacksonville University. Label affairs are coordinated by Music Entertainment Industry Student Association chapter officers and members, and are led by the Music Business and Recording Professor Dr. Michael James Olson.

Students are at the core of Dolphinium Records. Label staff scout for talented recording artists who are actively performing original material, and then present them to the ‘A&R staff’ of students, who vote on the group that fits Dolphinium the best.

Four groups have made recordings for release via compact disc, download cards, and/or digital release via iTunes and (among others).

Artist Criteria

  1. The group must be performing original music in public regularly, with a consistent fan base in their local area;
  2. The group must be able to do some small regional touring (within 200 miles);
  3. Though we respect free speech in lyrical content, we reserve the right to consider artists with lyrics that are appropriate to the academic community as Jacksonville University is an educational institution first;
  4. An 8x10, black and white promotion photograph must be included with a compact disc demo recording, and
  5. A short, typed, bio with performance history must be included.

It is strongly encouraged that artists are to copyright their material before sending it to anyone, including our staff, for your own protection. All genres are considered.

Please send materials to:

Dolphinium Records
JU Division of Music
2800 University Blvd. North
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Label History

In 2010, Dolphinium released three recordings: Dancel is a pop/punk-based group based in Jacksonville. Inside the Target is also a pop/punk-based group based in Jacksonville that features two JU music majors. The Spring Equinox is a heavy metal band from Virginia Beach.

In 2011, Dolphinium released Love Songs from the Gamut  by JU alum and American Idol contestant in season 7, A.J. Neaher. The CD embraces the varying aspects of Neaher’s style, ranging from acoustic singer/songwriter, to a rock band, to electronic pop and dance music. 

In 2013, the label recorded a live album, Live from The Blackbox, a recording that featured both JU and community artists. The performance was captured by a multi-camera recording crew, as well as being streamed live on Dolphin Radio.



Chroma - Round & Round
Polygons - The Other Side
The Tommy Harrison Group - Fluid Rhythm
AJ Neaher - Love Songs for the Gamut
Spring Equinox
Inside the Target Car
Dancell - Where I Hope to Belong

Audio Samples

Audio Samples from Dolphinium Records Compilation, 2008

  • Alison Ritter "Being You" (A. Ritter), R&B
  • Kristin Kusic "Writing a Love Song" (K. Kusic), adult contemporary
  • Matthew Weldon "Tomorrow is Coming" (M. Weldon), adult contemporary
  • Savannah Jane "Dance" (S. Redmond), alternative
  • Old Dominion "Lost in Translation" (J. Wilkerson, ASCAP), hard rock
  • Crystal Blanche "Keys" (T. Harrison) Cheeky Chappy Music (ASCAP), adult alternative
  • The Spring Equinox "Blue Skies Turn to Gray" (T. Harrison, G. Wilkins, K. Ferguson) Cheeky Chappy Music (ASCAP) heavy metal
  • Kristin Kusic "Summer Time" (A. Karson) Alphie Records (ASCAP), pop
  • Ferris "Blue Sky Day" (H. Ferris), adult contemporary
  • Black Label Investigator "Prisoner" (J. Slack, K. Crockett, W. Arvin), hard rock
  • Stephen Krain "Follow You" (G. Boccieri) Bocci's Music (ASCAP), adult alternative
  • In Loving Memory "Redemption" (T. Hodges, E. Nolan, D. Castillo, A. Ratliff, J. Holloway), heavy metal