Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the study of data through statistical and operational analysis. It is the formation of predictive models and the application of optimization techniques. Core activities within business analytics range from collecting, organizing, and manipulating data. The goal is to communicate the data and results to customers, business partners, and decision-makers.

The major will apply descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to transform data into actionable information.

Business analytics’ majors will study advanced statistics, data visualization, time series analysis, forecasting, optimization simulation, decision analysis, database analysis, competitive intelligence, and econometrics. The courses are housed under the Decision Sciences-Information Management (DSIM) prefix. A business analytics’ major will develop marketable skills highly sought after across the nation in terms of analyzing “data” in a data-driven world.


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This program is available as a major and a minor. Future Dolphins, learn more from your admissions officer. Current Dolphins, talk to your academic advisor for more information.

​​​Career Opportunities

Becoming a Business Analytics major creates multiple opportunities for your future. Business analyst positions have grown substantially as major organizations have adopted data-driven and technology-focused tactics and strategies.  Business analysts collect, aggregate, analyze, and present data to determine how their organization can make better decisions.  The goal is to discover ways to operate the business more efficiently and effectively.  This major is known to cultivate internships, which can turn into full-time employment opportunities, even before you are a JU graduate.

Examples of business analytics jobs include: BA Strategy Consultants, Business Intelligence and Performance Management Consultants, Advanced Analytics and Optimization Consultants, Enterprise Information and Management Consultants, Enterprise Content Management Consultants, among others.​​