Your Memories

I remember when…

Larry was the First Marshal and carried the first mace at commencements. Dr. Franklyn Johnson had to go pick up the mace through customs. It was Alice’s job to keep the mace polished and shiny and in pristine condition each year.

Dr. Larry Breeze & Alice Mille Breeze

We founded the JU chapter of Phi Gamma Delta and the lifetime memories we created. I remember when the Art Dept was located in the old war surplus building T-3 and the former Business department building T-6. I remember starting up the Glassblowing with Dr. Persick. I remember when we started the summer camp program called Dolphin Arts. I remember when we started computer art.

S. Barre Barrett, Prof. Emeritus

John Denver came to Swisher Auditorium. National Championship in basketball with Artis Gilmore and the rest of the gang.

Mary Beth Staub (Croom) '74

The boathouse was rebuilt and I was a part of it. Go JU Crew!

Amada Soukup '08

I was in great admiration of the ‘cheerleader jump” of Annette Pritchett. It was as if her body was a pretzel. Finally, my jump was similar and I thought I felt my toes hit my head – but figured it was my imagination. A short time ago, I was looking at the JU annual and there was a picture of the cheerleaders and my feet looked like they were hitting my head. Wow! Look out, Annette! But not to worry, Annette – I couldn’t do it again if my life depended on it.

Sandy Freeman '59

Walking into the SGA office and being told an airplane hit one of the twin towers. As we know, just minutes later I watched the whole story unfold in Mrs. Willet’s TV production class. I will never forget where I was the day the towers came down. The campus was silently shocked! And we all came together as one.

Tiffany Oliva '02

I was a small child attending basketball games with my father. I became a huge Artis Gilmore fan in the early 70’s and would spend hours drawing pictures of Artis and the rest of the team. My dad kept those drawings from my childhood and recently presented them to me.

Dan Robertson '86

I have a program of the concert that was done on the 50th anniversary of JU in 1985 in which I conducted.

Dr. Jon O. Carlton

In the 70’s Billy Joel came to JU and my “job” as a senior senator in the Student Govt. was to sit alone in the empty auditoriums before the concert and watch Billy sing and play the piano to “warm up”! There was Billy Joel singing only to me. It was great. Go Fins!

Penny Green Waller '76

In the 1970’s JU’s basketball team swept through the NCAA tournament to ultimately match up against UCLA. Having been there for the final four, I think of that awesome experience every year during March Madness. It made a huge impact on all of the JU community as well as the city of Jacksonville.

Michael Boyd ‘71

the first class graduated from the orthodontic school! What a great accomplishment for JU and its students.

Leanne Parris ENT

I first arrived at JU after a 700 mile drive from Washington – I had transferred from the University of Dayton – which had one of its coldest winters ever – and always seemed to have snow or gray skies – but seeing blue skies and tropical green everywhere at JU I still remember thinking – “Now I could go to school here!”

Steve Crandall '80

Must have been 1959 or 1960 basketball season when a not feared JU team beat the University of Miami which at that time had the then & now All-American Rick Barry – Miami was also a big name at that time coached by Bruce Hale who ended up being Barry’s father in law. I’ll never forget the expressions on Barry’s & hale’s faces when the final buzzer went off!

Jack Tesinsky ‘61

The Baptist Student Union served toasty lunches and sponsored lively hoot’nannies – great harmony and super strumming!

Sarah Smallwood Jordan ‘67

Mrs. Clara Wurn, mother of Lonnie Wurn, began a French class at JU at age 85. At the end of the first day she was very excited and said, “I know I won’t be a drop-out, - I just love it.” President Frances Kinne brought very many celebrities to JU. James Dunn (the movie star) spoke when I was serving as president of “Friends of the Dine Arts.” I was shy, but introducing him was my duty, so I said, “I was hooked, but I wasn’t a happy hooker!”

Emily Wurn

JU was without a music teacher of the cello. As I was principal cello of the Jacksonville Symphony, I was called on to fill this teaching position until a more permanent teacher was acquired. We teachers, when not teaching, would get together and play chamber music for our own pleasure. We especially enjoyed our Schubert Trio Harvey Scholl; piano, Rodney Schmidt; violin, and I did the cello. Good times with Good Music!

Henry Cornely Jr 1967-1970

Charlton Heston was here. What a magnificent speaker!

Anna Large

Dr. Dan Kelly was Dean of Students. He contributed so much in the short time he was there.


I served as President of the “Friends of Fine Arts’ which is a wonderful support for the College of Fine Arts – we had fund-raising affairs and beautiful programs of music, art, drama, dance – I especially enjoyed working with Dean Thomas Owen, Terri Netter, and Jay Wright – I had a wonderful board and a delightful membership – I was so honored when “Fine Arts Day” was dedicated to me one year! Best wishes for the future.

Margaret Fleet, President, Friends of Fine Arts, 1989-91, 1992-93

Fran Kinne was inaugurated president of JU. We had to rename the Brahms Tragic Overture to Overture in D Minor since it opened the Inaugural concert. The other thing that happened was that I was asked to compose a voice-over score from Twelfth Night. I did. Three weeks before the concert, the committee changed the text to Desdemona’s Entrance from Othello. In 5 days the work was completed and put into rehearsal with a decent performance resulting there from. Oh, by the way, Fran would end up in better shape than Desdemona did.

William Schirmer

In 1979 when the Basketball team won the Christmas tourney that year along with winning the Sun Belt tournament and going to the NCAA tournament. It was very exciting and people were really excited with JU Basketball @ school and city. The camaraderie of the players, fans, teachers was very tight knit as a mid-major school.

Anthony “Cricket” Williams '80

I attended a JU/UNF women’s soccer game. It was extremely crowded and our student section had drums, horns & funny cheers. We were up 1-0 at halftime. For halftime entertainment, there was a 12 year old girls soccer mini-game. Because I knew the director of field operations, he let my best friend and I announce the half-time game. We spoke in funny British accents and used crazy sayings to provide color to the game. The crowd was roaring and it was a blast. Our girls went on to win the game 2-0 and it was one of the best sporting events I went to at JU.

Matt Dobbins '10

Many great memories throughout undergrad and grad school of Fran Kinne as “mentor” – “advisor” – “counselor” – “motivator” – “coach” 0 and above all, a great friend! Fran was always there for each one of us at JU rooting us on – I learned more from her Leadership and great instincts to “make things happen” than from anybody in my entire career. “Thank you Fran!”

Louise J. DiGiusto III ’67 BA ’85 EMBA

I was the oldest student in the First Registered Nurses’ Class – I twas a great 2 yrs. At Jax Univ!! My 2 sons also were students there later. (Geo. A. Jackson and Daniel B. Jackson)

Eloise Y. Jackson '65

My introduction to JU took place when I moved to Jacksonville and met with Dr. Kinne, who at that time was Dean of the College of Fine Arts, and who asked if I would be interested in trying to develop a Dance Program. There followed almost two decades of the happiest and most rewarding period of my life – a new dance building, accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Dance, notorious guest artists, and an ever more talented group of Dance Majors allowing me to develop my teaching and choreographic skills, especially in conjunction with the other departments in the College of Fine Arts. I especially remember mentioning one day, my desire to create a ballet based on Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet,” but having a problem finding appropriate music. A week later, Bill Schirmer presented me with a complete score. I have so many happy memories – I could go on forever! Thank you JU!

Betty Swenson Bergmark, Prof. Emerit

I played basketball in Swisher Gym in 1953 (first). I was the first student assistant in the Swisher Library 1954. And more!

Edwin Bouchelle Jr.

Jack Benny & Bob Hope received awards from Dr. Kinne! Children at the School of Educations’ Reading Center Program. They came from all parts of Jacksonville to receive help from JU students, undergraduates and graduates for 30 years. Event for Mr. MSG “Jimme” Greek where a large sum of money was donated by individuals who came from all over the US in honor of Jimmie Greek. Monies were put in a scholarship fund, the Spirit Award, to be awarded to a worthy graduate student. Mr. Greek negotiated the initial SCAAT agreement with the Navy.

Margaret L. Janz

I saw my current husband for the first time at JU and how I got the butterflies in my stomach when I saw him outside of the library the following week - 2 kids and almost 20 years later, I\'m glad I went to JU for that reason alone!

Ellen Brown '93

Patricia Moore was the Coordinator of the MSN programs and Assistant Professor of Nursing. She was so inspiring to be around and supportive of nursing students to purse graduate school and eventually obtain a terminal degree. I felt empowered just being in the same room with her.

Sarah Llanque '03

There was a golf course on campus. You played at no charge <1 - 9 holes>. Is it still there???

Frank Lisle '72

We drove to Jacksonville from Macon, Georgia, in 1964, my first time to the city. As we drove onto the JU campus, I was overwhelmed by the beauty, the blue sky and bright colors, the azaleas, palm trees. The azaleas were in was March, I think. The campus was full of beautiful azaleas, huge, majestic live oak trees full of hanging Spanish moss. I had never seen Spanish moss before and thought I was in a tropical paradise! Well, I was! When we drove into the President's Home, surrounded by the flowers and old trees,facing the wonderful St. Johns River, I decided this was my favorite place in the whole world and I never wanted to leave! So, I changed my plans to go to school in Virginia and decided to attend JU, staying on campus and living in the President\'s House. JU and Jacksonville grabbed my heart that day. What a great time that was! Thank you, JU, for great memories and wonderful, lifelong friendships.

Elizabeth (Beth) Spiro '68

I was a student in the original nursing program, 1964-66. It was relatively new and was housed in "portable buildings" basically. At least, they were detached from the main buildings and were very old. I studied nursing as well as other general subjects, eg. Chemistry, Humanities, Psychology, etc. (My experience in Humanities brought me back some years later to take some Art classes,which I really enjoyed).
I remember our graduation in August, I believe, in the Gymnasium, with no air conditioning and all of the caps and gowns,and dressy clothes under them, as well. I was happy when it all ended.

The campus had fewer buildings then. It was always beautiful and I met some great friends, with whom I still am in contact.
It has been many years since then~~I am still working but in hopes of retirement soon. I am recently married to a wonderful Englishman and looking forward to visiting the UK for an extended visit.

I am proud to say I am a graduate of JU.

Barbara Chapman Lockyer

As freshman in the women's dorm our curfew was 10pm on weeknights.There was a case of toilet paper in the broom closet on each floor.For entertainment after 10pm we throw out the entire case to roll the whole hill in toilet paper. Dean Corbin was mad. H was going to make all of the dorm students share the cost of the clean up and toilet paper. Helen Brandias the housemother talked him out of it.We did not do it again.

Mrs.Brandias the house mother also let the dorm have a stray puppy named Lapper.Dean Corbin didn't know about Lapper till he started following some of the students to class. Mrs.Brandias calmed Dean Corbin down about a dog in the dorm and asked him to issue Lapper a student ID card which he did and we keep Lapper now an official student.

Patricia Parrish 67

Hurricane Dora hit Jacksonville. It was my freshman year. We were stranded in the dorms for days and days and had army surplus food send to us. The eye hit in the middle of the night. Boy, was that scary!! There was no air conditioning, water, etc. etc. Our parents were so afraid because they had no way of calling us and had no idea if we were ok. We played lots of Bridge under flashlights. There was an excitement about it though. Afterall, no classes for a week.

We survived the storm but the memories will never fade.

Sharon Stern Stele '67

The ROTC unit had that sweet Obstacle Course! We had to give it up for the Milne Football Field. A sacrifice for growth. Go Dolphins!

Jeff Richardson ('89)

The rat was the best place to hang out and don't forget about those valley parties!!!!!!! the absolute best!!

Gail Copan Shapiro '79

The expensive tuition. But, at least Doc. Blanton was there to make up for it.

Joey Kuhn

I scored my first touchdown as a Dolphin. We were playing North Greenville for our first night home game ever. It was in front of four thousand fans, which at the time was the largest crowd in school history. Then, the following night we threw one of the most Epic parties at my house off of Las Robida. We had a fraternity/football party. The first time that had ever been done. I think at one point the cops were directing traffic for us. It sort of marked a positive shift between the Greeks and Athletes, which seems to be holding up great these days. I had a ton of great experiences on this tiny campus that I will never forget.

Anthony Campanella B.S. '06 and MBA '09

When the final buzzer of the fourth quarter went off, the crowd rushed the football field. The celebration in the air, tears in the eyes of the players and the snapshots of the camera will forever stay in my heart. I hugged my twin brother and said “you did it bubba, you guys did it!” He looked at me and said “we are champions”. What a great day to be a Dolphin. Pioneer Football League Champions 2008.

Shannon Cook '09

From one of the classes of the 80s I remember when...: a fellow minority student Sharon sat on my dorm bed on a Saturday evening and stated: "JK, we want you to learn to speak better English. You represent us................." What followed was a number of evenings sitting in the JU Reading Lab reading ALOUD into a tape recorder and then listening to the tapes and getting professional critiques.

Then there was the time that a number of students got together and went to Big Daddy's Club one weekend. I did the \"bump\" on that crowded dance floor like it was going out of style!
Thanks Sharon and Thanks JU!


I came to JU for the very first time. I had never visited before attending and was very pleased with the environment, although my first encounter was at night! All I remember is seeing a few individuals moving into my future new home, Botts! The Blackout of 2002 was the worst where all of Jacksonville lost power during finals.. I made tons of friends and want to remember, especially, the passing of Maya McDonald (c/o 2007?) whom I shared many classes and \"pig feasts\" with at the Cyber! I will always hold a place in my heart for UMA, the Office of Student Success programs, all of my professors, and many more who helped me get to graduation! Miss the times and much love to classes 2001-2006!

Taneesha Smith-C/O 2005

Great memory- I attended Scott's (my son) graduation at JU (Class of 2000) and saw him commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy from the JU NROTC Battalion. Scott went on the graduate first in his class in flight school and served as a Naval Aviator including two combat deployments to the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

Louis DiGiusto JU '67 and '85(EMBA)

My mother, Irene A. Crosby an I were in the same commencement exercise in the fall of 1957 for our AA degree from the junior college. I have a newspaper article that I can share.

Charles Stanley Crosby '57

We as veterans were warmly received as we began our college life. It was a struggle at first to begin to study.Some for the first time. However, it all came together.

We were proud when we moved into a four year college. Our first four year class, a little over 100 students, set the pace for the future of JU. We are very proud to be the first four class of JU.

Jim Barker '59

I graduated in '66 and again in '72. My diplomas still hang on the wall in my den. They were printed on acid based paper and are now a motley brown rather like the remains of the JU golf course the last time I saw it.

Dean S. Bird '66, '72

I first came to JU in early 1994 to become the CO of the NROTC unit on campus. Not long before my arrival, the then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Colin Powell had visited the campus and spoken to the midshipmen. What made this visit unique was that General Powell's staff had contacted the JU NROTC staff AT THE GENERAL'S REQUEST to arrange the visit. He was visiting Jacksonville for other reasons. It was certainly a high point in JU NROTC history and underscored what a staunch ROTC supporter we had in charge of the armed forces of our country at that time!

Bunky Johnson CAPT USN (Ret)

I can see it now, our 1964, 65, 66 JU Baseball teams playing the prisoners at Raeford Prison. We usually had 3-4 exhibition games at the prison every fall, and we actually played against one team that had a former Major Leaguer, who was a pretty good Short Stop with Detroit. There he was in Jail. No matter, we still beat their team. Smiles.....I was starting catcher most of my 4 years at JU.... it was Fun, we won in 66, 67, 68, and made it to the 1st NCAA Post season ever by a JU Baseball and sports team, in 1968.

Joe Schlegel ‘68

Being accepted at JU after being rejected by UNF. I cried with joy. I was never happier except when I graduated.

Teresa Flores ‘91

The kindness and concerns of the only 2 Sociology Professors, Dr. Reed and Dr. Morton. The unique learning atmosphere and acceptance shown to all who attended JU. There was a great cultural melting pot. I will retire on 7/1/10 after 40 yrs of service in the field of Social Services.

Cynthia Tomlin ‘69

If I had to do it over again I would go back to JU. Those were the best five years of my life. Between friendships made and the JU nursing program I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Maureen O’Connor ‘90

I was a student clerk in the bookstore, which was housed in a former classroom of the Founders building. The shelves were home-made plywood affairs painted yellow and orange, of all things. The 'warehouse' for the store was a trailer donated by Channel 12 that had been their remote broadcast center for the first Apollo moon shots. You had to climb through a window of the store to get to the trailer, carrying armloads of books.

Joe Samble ‘80

I walked into WFIN in 1991, and got my first radio airshift! I thought it was so cool! Little did I know that I'd still be in radio in 2010, working as the Assistant Program Director and Midday air talent of WiLD 94.1FM in Tampa, one of the most respected and legendary stations in the country, and that I'd still be hooked on radio like I was in 1991 at Jacksonville University!

Mark “Scantman” Scantlebury ‘95

We went down town for our home team basketball game... I knew then I picked the wrong school

;) really, it was when the soccer coach offered me a dime to play on the JU team. He said, "it was a dime more than any other player has received to play for JU.”

John Katronis ‘73

Walking to Founders for class and walking past Artis Gilmore & really feeling “short”; when Central Hall was it for girls & we had an 11:00 P.M. curfew & there were no co-ed dorms; swimming in the Olympic size pool next to the gym; Biology with Prof Trainer; Dr. Kinne head of Fine Arts Dept; Dean Corbin/ Dean of Students; Hearing 'Bye Bye Miss America Pie' in the caf (ALL THE TIME); performing weekly in Philips Recital Hall; Piano Improv with Bill Davis & impromptu visit/performance with Jean Carne & Doug; Homecoming'72; walking from Science Bld to dorm (argh); it felt like a small family on campus - you knew or knew of nearly everyone; when there was nothing but trees everywhere on campus.

Shyrell Carmina Iszard

Winning an award from the Associated Press.

Catinka Sjoberg ‘10

Getting out of here! 5 years = a lot of memories.

Christen Douberly ‘10

I love JU. It’s a great university with lovely professors.

Ayesha Patel ‘10

Meeting Dr. Berry for the first time!

Jordan Lambert ‘10

I remember meeting my fiancé at the freshmen meet-and-greet in 2006!

Angela Harrison ‘10

Too many memories to list! :)

Sanja Tresnjic ‘10

I remember when Rollie Rourke made all of us 'dress out' for golf class in the Swisher Gym locker room. We all got docked a grade if we were caught dressing in the dorm. Homecoming basketball game in 1979...the theme was 'Sock it to Me' like the skit on Rowan and Martin's laugh-in. All the greeks sat together and pelted South Alabama with rolled up pairs of socks on cue right before they were introduced. JU started the game with a technical foul but those guys were completely freaked out!

Barry Milligan '80

My mother Eloise Laura Barkley would tell us stories about how much she loved theatre and drama while attending JU back in 1950. She was scouted and given the opportunity to be an actress but her mom refused to allow her to travel to Hollywood.

Cathy Dutch

Wonderful profs: Dr.Hawthorne, Dr. Lyde, Dr. Hallam, Mr. C.P. Lee etc. A Gorgeous campus and friendly people. The MAT program was the only grad school in Jax and many teachers I knew went there. The subject area MAT was a wonderful program and it's too bad it's gone.

Joe D. Smith ‘74

I moved into the apartments and we had a hurricane the first month...the power went out and a bunch of us had a great time sitting around some candles, eating Chinese food, laughing, getting to know each other, and making great memories.

Heather Kardell ‘06