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1. Is Orientation required?

Yes, Orientation is required for all new incoming students.This year all New Student Orientation sessions will take place in a virtual environment. This includes incoming freshman, international students, transfer & military affiliated students. 

Orientation is made up of 4 components: Blackboard Modules, Live Virtual Sessions, Small Groups, 1:1 Calls. All new students are required to complete the Blackboard modules. We HIGHLY recommend that you engage in with your Orientation Leader when they call and attend your Small Group sessions so you can get to know other new students and feel prepared for your start at JU. The Live Virtual Sessions cover a variety of topics and resources to help you be successful in your college journey.

Family Orientation is not required for family members, but we would love to have you participate! Please enter your information as a "guest" when your student registers for orientation. 

 2. How much does Orientation registration cost?

The cost for students is covered in the University non-refundable deposit.

There is no cost for family members to participate in the Family track of Orientation. 

3. What should I expect during Orientation?

Students and family members can expect a series of engaging and informative Orientation events hosted in a virtual format. throughout the month of July. 

To fulfill the Orientation requirement, students will complete self-paced learning modules in Blackboard. 

Students will receive individual outreach from their Orientation Leader and will be invited to attend small group chats with other new students. 

More information and schedules will be provided in mid-June. 

Contact the Orientation team at if you have questions. 

4. Should a family member or guest participate in Orientation? 

While it is not required, we highly encourage family members to participate in Family Orientation. Family members will have their own Orientation track where they will receive a variety of information regarding academics, housing, finances, campus culture, and other services at Jacksonville University. It is a great opportunity to learn what your student can expect from their college experience, as well as provide a time to get all of your questions answered.

Please enter your information as a "guest" when your student registers for orientation. More information will be emailed to registered participants in mid-June. 

 5. Do transfer students participate in Orientation? 

Yes! Orientation is required for all new students entering JU. This year all New Student Orientation sessions will take place in a virtual environment. This includes incoming freshmen, international students, transfer & military affiliated students. 


6. There are a lot of information sessions, do I have to attend them all?

Nope! You can pick and chose which Information Sessions you want to attend. If you can't attend a session live, we will have the recordings available on our YouTube page.

7. How to I access my small group?

Check out the 'Groups' tab in the navigation bar on the left in Blackboard. You should see your Orientation Leader's names as a group. Click on this and there will be access links to your small group session. If you have any questions, please contact your Orientation Leader. 

8. How to I access Virtual Information Sessions?

To access Virtual Information Sessions, please sync your calendar. These steps are detailed in the tutorial on our main webpage. 

9. What if I can't attend a session?

No worries! We created our Orientation schedule to allow for flexibility. If you are unable to attend a session live, you can access the recording on our YouTube page.  

10. Is Orientation required for nursing students?

This year, the new cohort of accepted BSN students will need to complete the modules and quizzes in Blackboard. You are not required to attend any of the Live Sessions, but you are more than welcome to if you'd like!

 6. What is Week of Welcome?

Week of Welcome takes place during your first official week on campus as a Jacksonville University student. We have a series of fun and educational activities to help you meet people and get familiar with the campus. 

New Student Orientation

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