Data Science

The Data Science major is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for a career as a data scientist in a variety of industries. The coursework provides students with a strong background in mathematics, statistics, and computer science as well as familiarity with all stages of data curation. Through coursework in mathematics, computer science and business, student will:

  • Develop computational and statistical thinking.
  • Build the necessary mathematical foundations. • Develop competency in model building and assessment.
  • Build a strong foundation in algorithms and software.
  • Develop skills in data curation.
  • Develop strong communication skills.
  • Develop skills in a domain outside of mathematics and computing.

As data science is inherently interdisciplinary, students are required to complete a minor outside of mathematics and computing science.

Required Courses (60 Credits)

CS 170:  Introduction to Scientific & Engineering Programming

CS 240 Data Structures 4 CS 360 Database Design & Development

CS 451 Applied Data Mining 3 MGT 301 Principles of Management

MATH 140 Calculus I

MATH 141 Calculus II

MATH 150 Discrete Math

MATH 170 Data Science Foundations

MATH 270 Introduction to Data Science

MATH 315 Probability

MATH 316 Applied Statistics

MATH 320 Linear Algebra

MATH 470 Machine Learning Algorithms

MATH 475 Models and Simulation for Data Science

MATH 481WS Data Science Capstone I 

MATH 482WS Data Science Capstone II

MATH 390/490* Internship(s) or RI Independent Study(ies) 6 or MATH 487RI/488RI S

Elective Options (3 - 4 credits)

CS 405 Artificial Intelligence

CS 450 Modeling and Simulation

MATH 300 Calculus III

MATH 420 Linear Algebra II

DSIM 420 Visual Analytics, Capstone  


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