Bachelor of ScienceGame Design

Students using the E-Sports gaming lounge.
Student using software on a computer to animate.

Game DesignCurriculum

Students pursuing this degree will take specific Media Arts classes combined with courses in Computer Sciences to prepare them for their educational and career goals. Sample courses that students will take include: 

CS 302 - Software Design & Development 

CS 352 - Game Development                        

CS 395 - Software Engineering

CS 452 - Advanced Game Production                                        

MART 151 - Game Design  

MART 251 - Game Strategies                                                 

MART 351 - Game Level & Interface                    

Game development and deliveryJax U | Unity

Jacksonville University is partnering with the Unity platform for game development and delivery. Unity is the leading video game engine – the complete solution for professionals to create and operate real-time 3D experiences. The power of an entire ecosystem of tools, support, and community is leverage into student’s hands to achieve better results, faster.

Game designers are propelling their creations into the future with the power of interactive, real-time 3D that brings your vision to life with powerful game artists’ tools to optimize your workflows and design stunning experiences for players on the Console, via Mobile Apps, and through AR/VR solutions.

Game Design image with Unity platform.

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