Alexander Brest Gallery

The entrance to the gallery.
Chris Nitsche, 2019

The Alexander Brest GalleryThe professional exhibition venue for the School of Art & Design.

The Alexander Brest Gallery is a versatile 2300 square foot exhibition space. The gallery showcases nationally recognized artists in a variety of 2-d, 3-d, and 4-d media and emerging JU student artists and designers.

Career opportunities include: gallerist, curator, art handler, community arts advocate, art workshop instructor, cultural council member, arts management, arts coordinator, non-profit arts organizer, art education.

Calling All Artists: Gallery call for submissions are posted to the Alexander Brest Gallery social media pages in October, @alexanderbrestgallery.


Join the gallery team!The Alexander Brest Gallery practicum students work with artists from all over the country to install 4 to 5 exhibitions a semester.

Gallery practicum (FA 380) is a course in which students work with the gallery director to curate, install, and manage the gallery space. Students work directly with exhibiting artists and learn valuable art handling and display skills.


Jim BenedictAlexander Brest Gallery Director, Associate Professor of Sculpture

Jim Benedict has exhibited a wide variety of art in galleries around the country over the last 20 years and served as gallery director for the Alexander Brest Gallery for the last 5 years.

  • Has curated 30+ exhibitions
  • Has helped to install work for over 200 artists
  • Given talks on gallery practices at national arts conferences
  • Gallery entrance

  • Laying out a student cardboard installation

  • Hanging a framed photograph

  • Installing a ceramic wall grouping

  • Installing 3-d student wall art

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