Scenic Jacksonville’s Spotlight on Arlington community includes President Tim Cost among panelists

June 04, 2024

Jacksonville University’s Frisch Welcome Center hosted Scenic Visions, a new program by Scenic Jacksonville that shines a spotlight on neighborhoods throughout the city. JU President Tim Cost was among the panelists to discuss the ongoing development and revitalization of the Arlington neighborhood. The program’s focused on engaging civic leaders and neighborhood stakeholders in thought-provoking experiences and meaningful conversations that help to catalyze community action. 

In addition to President Cost, panelists included Steve Matchett, Executive Director Old Arlington, Inc.; Trish Kapustka, President of JAX Chamber Arlington Council; Rory Dubin, President of Northeast Florida Association of Realtors (NEFAR); and Karen Nasrallah, Redevelopment Manager for City of Jacksonville.

In his opening remarks, President Cost shared Jacksonville University’s commitment to Arlington. 

"We're 90 years old as of a couple of weeks ago and we believe in Arlington. We've had lots of opportunities to do things in other places but we keep doubling down and tripling down and investing. And if you'd like to walk around this campus, we're proud of what we've been able to do and with safety and beautification."

Jacksonville University has made a number of recent contributions to Arlington, including a turbo roundabout in front of the university that features a public art piece, Obelisk. The university also announced its investment in the expansion of the Blue Cypress Golf Course, which will include the addition of three holes and the buildout of a new clubhouse for the men’s and women’s golf team. When asked what he believes is necessary to complete Arlington’s transformation, President Cost stressed the importance of strategy and collaboration.

"If people agree on strategy, we're going to be a great community. Are we a culture? Are we proud? This is a great, great town and it can be so much better. We teach persistence, optimism, respect and teamwork to 18-year-olds. We have to be able to teach it to each other here in Arlington."

Jacksonville City Council President Ron Salem, who was also in attendance for the panel discussion, spoke to President Cost’s vision for the university, Arlington, and the city of Jacksonville, stressing the importance of the city’s relationship with the private university.

"I can't think of where Arlington would be without Tim Cost opening up this campus and including Arlington as a part of his vision. You can look all over the place, on this campus and what's happening in College Park, what happened at Blue Cypress Golf Course. I just can't emphasize enough that we need to continue that partnership. Tim and I worked on the law school downtown. It's a joint love affair between JU, the city and Arlington."


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