Jacksonville University announces largest fundraising campaign in university history

October 23, 2023

Jacksonville University, northeast Florida’s premier private university, announced the public launch of the most ambitious comprehensive fundraising initiative in its history – FUTURE. MADE. With a $175 million goal, Jacksonville University aims to create a lasting impact on future generations of students who will themselves shape a stronger future for the region and the world.  
“FUTURE. MADE. represents our core identity and mission as a university: building a better future. It’s who we are and what we do,” said Jacksonville University President Tim Cost. “For decades, Jacksonville University has worked hard to be a force for positive change and meaningful progress in northeast Florida. We are now positioned to extend that impact on a much larger scale, for the good of all.” 
The goals of the FUTURE. MADE. comprehensive far exceed the $121 million raised during Jacksonville University’s previous ASPIRE campaign, and the university is well on its way to achieving or exceeding that $175 million target. With $103 million raised to-date during the “quiet phase” of the campaign, Jacksonville University has already reached nearly 60 percent of its goal. 
More than 500 individuals have already invested more than $10,000, while 35 donors have invested more than $1 million. 
With the funds raised during FUTURE. MADE., Jacksonville University is committed to tackling some of the greatest challenges the world faces. Climate change, cybersecurity, access to quality healthcare services, the value of artistic expression in an AI world, the shortage of nurses and pilots, deadly antibiotic-resistant pathogens, the growing mental health crisis, and respectful, civil discourse that promotes a stronger democracy – these are issues Jacksonville University students and faculty are actively exploring in the search for new solutions.  
The FUTURE. MADE. campaign is supported by five pillars of strategic funding priorities. Each pillar represents impactful opportunities to build a stronger future in areas such as student engagement, research, technology, applied learning, graduate studies and campus facilities.  
The five FUTURE. MADE. pillars are: 
·       Pioneering with Purpose, which focuses on the strategic expansion of programs and specialties that match the market and reflect the needs of the community; 
·       Unwavering Exploration, a commitment to solve global issues and build stronger communities through research, applied learning, and the arts; 
·       Reimagining Experiences, with a goal of transforming the collegiate experience with enhanced facilities, immersive technology, community engagement, and resources designed to help students thrive; 
·       Ready to Rise, dedicated to regional expansion, the continued ascent of Jacksonville Athletics, and informing the national conversation with faculty expertise; and 
·       Forever for the Future, which supports institutional longevity, stability and agility through unrestricted funds. 
“Our University has a sense of urgency around the possibilities we see on the horizon,” Cost said. “We are at a critical time when meaningful, positive change is within reach for those who are willing to think differently, are open to partnering, and not afraid of the hard work it will take. 
"We offer our sincere thanks to all those who have helped create the modern JU, and our appreciation to those who will help advance our University into the future.”    
The FUTURE. MADE. campaign is supported by a diverse and distinguished committee of engaged alumni, donors and partners, listed below: 
·       Preston & Joan Haskell, Honorary Campaign Chairs 
·       Dee Brown ’90, Executive Cabinet, Campaign Tri-chair 
·       John Miller, Executive Cabinet, Campaign Tri-chair 
·       Audrey Moran '10, Executive Cabinet, Campaign Tri-chair 
·       Linda Berry Stein '69, Executive Cabinet 
·       J.F. Bryan, Executive Cabinet 
·       Stephanie Cost, Executive Cabinet 
·       Jay Demetree, Executive Cabinet 
·       Patty Donahoo, Executive Cabinet 
·       Matt Kane '01, Executive Cabinet 
·       Irene Lazzara, Executive Cabinet 
·       Lee Nimnicht '90, Parent '27, Executive Cabinet 
·       Charlie Wodehouse, Executive Cabinet 
·       Elli Zimmerman, Executive Cabinet 
·       Alex Boylan '99, Campaign Committee 
·       Marty Chomiak '81/'84, Campaign Committee 
·       Darren Dailey, Campaign Committee 
·       Bart Darrell, Parent '22, Campaign Committee 
·       Frank Frangie, Campaign Committee 
·       Ellis Harr '16, Campaign Committee 
·       Ari Jolly '83, Campaign Committee 
·       Frank Mantay '88, Campaign Committee 
·       George Robbins, Campaign Committee 
·       Joey Sanchez '09/'10, Campaign Committee 
·       Jamie Shelton, Campaign Committee 
·       Shane & Janny Sims, Parents '24, Campaign Committee 
·       David Strickland, Campaign Committee 
·       Nina Waters '80, Campaign Committee 
Learn more about FUTURE. MADE. by visiting www.ju.edu/futuremade

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