Luka Vukadinovic '13

October 26, 2022

In 2009, Luka Vukadinovic '13 left his home in Montenegro in southeastern Europe to study abroad, blazing a new trail for himself in the United States. After graduating from Jacksonville University with his bachelor’s degree in economics, Vukadinovic joined the inaugural duo of JU Presidential Fellows, once again breaking new ground, this time helping to build a new way for recent alumni to serve the University.

Today, Vukadinovic continues to be a trailblazer, working for the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, a foremost international development organization focused on improving global health, food and water security, and environmental factors. Vukadinovic spends his days mobilizing resources and building partnerships in service to hundreds of public hospitals worldwide that are in need of better technology and skilled practitioners.

He credits his liberal arts education at JU with helping to foster a sense of critical thinking and problem-solving, which served him as a graduate student at the London School of Economics and now in his role with the UN. Luka encourages his fellow young adults — those in college and beyond — to not shy away from challenges; “rather, have the courage to ask the difficult questions and exercise [your] right to demand change. Only then can we hope to achieve a more prosperous future.”

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