Antonio Espinoza '21

October 25, 2022

Antonio Espinoza ‘21 was the first person in his family to graduate college. Less than a year later, he was also accepted to medical school, taking the first step toward his dream of becoming a physician.

The Jacksonville University chemistry alumnus will attend the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in the fall, one of the top medical schools in the country.

“Graduating from JU as a firstgeneration student felt like I was triumphant in overcoming numerous challenges and breaking several glass ceilings,” he said. “As a college graduate, I can be confident in my future and ability.”

He hasn’t settled on a specialty, but growing up in West Virginia exposed him to systemic problems within healthcare that he hopes to help solve. While the journey there wasn’t always easy, Espinoza hopes that as a first-generation college graduate and future doctor he can help others that are in his position do the same.

“I hope the adversity I overcame as a first-generation college student will empower me to advocate for similarly disadvantaged individuals.”


Katie Garwood


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