Jacksonville University constructing innovative STEAM Institute Center

August 01, 2022

Jacksonville University announced it is embarking upon renovations to create a first-of-its-kind, 30,000-square-foot facility dedicated to interdisciplinary science, technology, engineering, the arts, data science and mathematics studies on its Arlington campus. It is expected to be completed this fall. 

The institute will be among the first of its kind in the country – a standalone space dedicated to STEAM studies, housing unique learning spaces for students in the sciences, engineering, and arts. The main disciplines that will use the space include students in animation, computing sciences, cybersecurity, data science, engineering, film, fintech, and graphic design. Students in the STEAM Institute will develop highly-valued skills in today’s workforce: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. 

STEAM rendering

“The facility brings to our campus a dynamic and future-forward learning environment that will transform the student experience,” said Dr. Timothy Snyder, dean of the Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts & Humanities, which will play a central role in the curriculum and experiential learning activity at the STEAM Institute. “The strategic design and interspersion of learning environments in engineering and design, cybersecurity, financial investments, data science, software development, film and animation will encourage a range of creative endeavors and approaches while building a community of innovators and problem solvers.”

At the forefront of the project will be spaces unique to Jacksonville University and other institutions in the state, including a CyberRange simulation training center and FinTech Lab. A new undergraduate major and a master of business administration concentration in FinTech, or financial technology, will complement the creation of the new space. The interdisciplinary program will offer students courses at the intersection of finance, computer science, business analytics and data science. This innovative offering will be the first of its kind in Northeast Florida, a burgeoning hub for FinTech companies such as FIS, Black Knight, Deutsche Bank, SoFi and more. 

“The future of higher education is at the intersection of disciplines,” said Dr. Barbara Ritter, dean of the Davis College of Business & Technology and Director of Career Services. “The interdisciplinary initiatives housed in the STEAM Institute will allow us not only to advance knowledge, but also to meet our industry partners’ needs and the desires of future students.”

Highlights of the new STEAM space include:

For more information on STEAM at Jacksonville University, visit ju.edu/steam.


Katie Garwood


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