Why Future. Made.

What we do here and now will shape all that comes next. Together we can create a wave of impact that extends through generations.

A Foundation for the Future

The Future. Made. campaign consists of 5 strategic pillars. Each pillar represents high-impact opportunities to build a stronger future in areas such as research, technology, applied learning, graduate studies and campus facilities.

Pioneering with Purpose

Future. Made. Intentionally.

Strategically expanding our offerings with programs and specialties that match the market and reflect our surrounding community.

Unwavering Exploration

Future. Made. For Endless Discovery.

Working to solve global issues and build stronger communities through research, applied learning, and the arts.

Reimagining Experiences

Future. Made. To Make Waves.

Transforming the collegiate experience with enhanced facilities, immersive technology, community engagement, and resources designed to help students thrive.

Ready to Rise

Future. Made. To Rise.

Ascending to prominence by expanding our regional footprint, competing with the elite, and informing the national conversation with our expertise.

Forever for the Future

Future. Made. Forever.

Generating long-term stability and institutional agility through unconstrained giving that powers multiple areas of our campus simultaneously.

Future Makers

Meet the Dolphins who are shaping the future.

Let's Get Started

The momentum at Jacksonville University is real and now is the time for you to make a real and lasting impact for today and tomorrow.

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