Faculty Resources


These resources are meant as a starting point for faculty using, or considering using, writing in the classroom as a tool for teaching, learning, and evaluation.  If you have specific needs, please contact Prof. Ed McCourt at emccour@ju.edu.  

As additional resources are procured, they will be made available here... 


A Brief Introduction: Process, Pedagogy, and Plagiarism (E.McCourt)


Assignment Design & Other Helpful Documents

The WAC Handbook on Formal and Informal Writing (Bean)

Writing Assignment Compass (R. Clines)

Forty Audiences for Students (Faries)

Writing Assignment Self (EMU, "Education First")

Presentation: Writing From Research (for students) (E. McCourt)

Handouts on Most Writing Related Issues (UNC)


Plagiarism Resources

IU's Guide to Plagiarism

Plagiarism Handout (UNC)

Assignment Structure (U. Hawaii)

More on Assignment Design; Plagiarism (WSU)



Composing Rubrics

Rubric Example(E. McCourt)

Adaptable Sample Rubric (Stella Porto - UMUC)

Persuasive Essay - Self Assessment Rubric (Heidi Goodrich Andrade - Project Zero)

Various Scoring Rubric Examples (CSUB)


Resources for Students

JU Writing Center

List of Student Resources


JU Journal of Research Across the Disciplines (JRAD)

JU Library Home Page

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Source Evaluation Worksheet (Hacker)


More Reading on WAC

The WAC Clearinghouse

The National Writing Project

Purdue's Intro to WAC


Writing Videos

OWL Intro to WAC Video

WI Emergency (a bit of nonsense)