Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)

The Office of Residential Life reviews all Emotional Support Animal or ESA applications. Any ESA questions can be directed to Residential Life at housing@ju.edu.

Please keep in mind: any unapproved animal on campus will result in a student fine. ESAs must be approved before animals are brought to campus. Animals brought to campus prior to ESA approval may result in a denial of the application. ESA applications are reviewed on a weekly basis by the Director of Residential Life.

Before submitting an application, please review the Residential Life ESA Policies. If approved, students will review and sign with their building coordinator. 

In order to apply for an ESA, students should submit the following paperwork to housing@ju.edu:

  • ESA Application filled out by your current licensed Mental Health professional, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or Physician/Doctor.
  • Roommate Agreement signed by current or upcoming assigned roommates
  • Cover letter with the owner’s explanation concerning the need for the animal, the type of animal, a description of the animal and the animal’s name
  • Vet Records showing up to date vaccinations appropriate for the animal

If a students was approved for an ESA in the previous year, they will need to re-apply by submitting an new Roommate Agreement and updated Vet Records.

Please email housing@ju.edu with any questions about Emotional Support Animals.