Entrepreneurship Certificate Form

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Certificate


Student Name:                                                                                                                               


JU ID#                                                                     Major                                      


1.      MGT 481-Entrepreneurship & the New Economy                             3 credits


Term:                                                            Grade:                                                


2.      MGT 482-Managing & Growing the New Enterprise                        3 credits


Term:                                                               Grade:                                                


3.      MGT 483-Venture Finance                                                                 3 credits


Term:                                                               Grade:                                                


To Dean, Davis College of Business: I am submitting this form to request the Certificate in Entrepreneurship based upon the successfully completion of the above classes.  Attached, please find an unofficial copy of my Web Advisor transcript for your review. 



                      Student's Signature                                                                 Date


To Registrar's staff: This student has met the requirements for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship.  Please issue the certificate at the next conferral date. 



Signature of Dean, Davis College of Business                                 Date

verifying completion of requirements for Certificate                                          


Registrar's Office Use: 


Comment posted to transcript by                                                Date


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